What can X-VPN actually do for me

Protect you in open network from prying eyes
When you are on a open network such as public Wifi hotspot, someone with right skillset and bad intention can easily grab your personal information such as personal emails, credit card information etc.
With X-VPN, your internet connection is secured with advanced encryption so your personal data won’t be compromised.

Stay anonymous online
When you are connected to a network and using the internet service, various providers such as ISP (internet service provider) or web service provider can see your internet activities to a certain extent. (e.g., What you are sending/receiving; what address is it) In addition, the internet based traffic is monitored or even stored by one or more government agencies.
X-VPN conceals your internet activities from ISP & government eavesdropping.

Set your virtual location anywhere in the world
There are various internet contents or applications have Geo-restriction which is managed by tracing the login IP address to its region. Thus, to whom traveled/worked in a foreign country or streaming fans who live outside of service area, the Geo-restriction made it hard for them to enjoy their favorite shows or websites.
We have servers all over the world to ensure that our X-VPN users can enjoy their desired internet contents & applications.

Unblock websites in school
Most of the school nowadays provide Wifi connection but at the same time they also set various restrictions on certain internet contents(e.g. youtube, twitter). Their intention is make sure the students don’t shift away from their primary focus, however it is also limiting the information that student can gather from internet for their school related projects/research.

You can bypass these restrictions using X-VPN to access any school-blocked internet contents.

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