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Features of Shell Protocol

The Strongest Protocol

X-VPN provides support for 9 distinct Shell Protocols, which include frequently used protocols that are camouflaged as FTP, HTTPS, SMTP, and more. These protocols aim to imitate public protocols closely, without retaining any identification information, ultimately reducing the chances of being blocked and improving connection success rates.

Better at Internet filtering

Shell Protocol confusion can avoid traffic analysis and break internet filtering, perform efficient and fast adaptive configuration for different network environments of users around the world, greatly improve the connection success rate in complex network environments, and have superior performance far exceeding similar products.

Higher Security
Hide the underlying real Protocol to reduce the possibility of interference or interception by the third-party
Provide multiple encryptions of all transferred information to further enhance security
Reduce packet characteristics and avoid traffic analysis toprotect user data transmission privacy and security

Choose Shell Protocol

There are 10 Shell protocols on the protocol selection page.

UDP, TCP, Hidden-TCP, TLS, Hidden-TLS, FTP, SMTP

HTTP, Hidden-HTTP, HTTP-Proxy

Users can choose according to their own network environment. Or voucan choose 'Auto' directly, and X-VPN will automatically try all the protocols to make the best choice.



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