Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to all of our offered and operated services.

Dear Users:

We are Free Connected Limited and we are glad that you can read this informal letter.Thank you for your support and trust.If you have used X-VPN,you must have experienced the fast speed、excellent stability and amazing UI design.However,the key feature you may not realize is our privacy policy. We are aimed to protect your privacy and we promise that the following information we will never log: Your Browsing History: We don't see or record which websites you visit. Your Traffic Data: We don't monitor or log the destination of your online traces or conditions. Your DNS Queries: We don't get your personal information. At the same time, the following will be used to give you a better service and after-sales guarantee: Dates(not times) when connected to the VPN service. Your data condition. Package you have purchased. Connection Error. All this information does not contain any personally identifiable information.On the contrary,it can help us to offer the best support for you!

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