Kill Switch

What is a VPN Kill Switch?

A VPN kill switch is a VPN feature that automatically cuts your internet if your VPN disconnects, preventing data leaks on unencrypted networks. This feature is crucial for keeping your personal data safe.

How Does a VPN Kill Switch Work?

1. Monitoring: The kill switch constantly checks the stability of your connection to the VPN server.

2. Blocking: If it detects any disruption in the VPN service, it immediately terminates your internet access.

3. Restoring: As soon as your VPN connection is on, it reconnects you to the internet automatically—no manual steps needed.

When Does a VPN Kill Switch Activate?

1. Internet Connection Issues:

Weak Wi-Fi signals or network congestion can lead to continual disconnections.

2. Firewall Issues:

Firewalls will block unauthorized network traffic to and from your device, which may conflict with your VPN connection. Ensure that your VPN app is in your firewall’s trust list to prevent accident blocks.

3. Change VPN Servers:

Switching between different servers may briefly interrupt the VPN connection.

4. VPN Server Congestion:

If a VPN server gets overloaded, it may struggle with the traffic and cause some connections to drop.


1. How can I enable Kill Switch on my VPN?

To activate this feature, navigate to 'Features' or 'Advanced Features' in settings and turn the kill switch option on.

2. What happens when VPN Kill Switch is enabled?

If your VPN connection is stable, the kill switch will not be activated; If the VPN is disconnected, Kill Switch immediately shuts down your Internet connection, ensuring that no unprotected data is leaked.