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How to Set Up a VPN on Google Chrome

Learn how to set up a free VPN Chrome extension on your Google Chrome browser in three simple steps. Start surfing the web privately and securely in less than a minute.

01.Installation Extension

Get our VPN Chrome Extension from the Chrome Web Store. Install the extension by clicking the "Add to Chrome" button.

02.Connection to VPN

Open the extension you'll see a sample interface with a "Turn On" button. Click this button to establish a secure VPN connection.

03.Enjoy VPN Protection

That's all! You can now securely browse the web with our VPN extension on Chrome.

Video Guide: How to Set Up a Free VPN Chrome extension

Learn how to get the best VPN Chrome extension on your computer in a minute.

What is a VPN for Chrome?

A virtual private network (VPN) extension for Chrome is specifically designed to bolster your online privacy and security by concealing your lP address. This extension encrypts your internet connection, ensuring fast speeds and heightened security to uphold the confidentiality of your online activities, particularly when utilizing public Wi-Fi networks.

chromeGet VPN Chrome Extension

Experience secure and private browsing on your Google Chrome browser.

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Secure Connection

Browse the internet with confidence, knowing your connection is private and secure, even on public Wi-Fi.

Anonymous Browsing

Explore the web with complete privacy, ensuring your anonymity and preventing anyone from spying on your online activities.

Unrestricted Access

Unrestricted Access: Enjoy limitless browsing and seamless social media access with X-VPN's stable and secure connection.

Zero Logging

Rest assured with our strict no-logs policy, providing a secure and confidential connection for every user.

No Account Required

Utilize our VPN service without the need for account registration. Enjoy a free guest VPN connection with some speed restrictions.

Kill Switch

An extra security feature that protects your privacy in the event of an unexpected Internet disconnection. Exclusive to premium users.

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Trusted by Millions, 370000+ Positive Reviews

At X-VPN, we're proud to be a trusted cyber security community with millions of users. Our top priorities include ensuring online security and safeguarding your privacy. We whole heartedly believe that every one deserves a secure and private online experience.

TrustScore 4.7 | 155 reviews

Rating: 4.7 | 371K+ reviews

TrustScore 4.7 | 155 reviews

Rating: 4.7 | 371K+ reviews

Premium Privilege

8,000+ Servers in 225 Locations


United States

Asia Pacific

Hong Kong
New Zealand
South Korea


Czech Republic
United Kingdom

Middle East and Africa

Saudi Arabia
South Africa
VPN Server List

Free VPN vs Paid: Which version is right for you?

X-VPN Premium
No restriction
Server Locations

225 Locations

Choose your location

Auto server location

Advanced Features

Kill switch, Static IP


Streaming, Gaming, P2P

Dedicated servers optimized for streaming, gaming and P2P


12+3 months


The $71.99 price is applicable for the first-time subscription of the 12+3 months plan when billed upfront, which averages $4.79 per month.

Please note that X-VPN reserves the right to make changes to their advertisement policy

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30-days money back 30-days money back

Reasons to Upgrade to a Premium VPN Plan

Global network

225 server locations to choose from.

Worldwide streaming

Dedicated streaming servers optimized for popluar streaming site no matter where you are.

Advanced Security

Enhanced privacy and security protection features such as Kill Switch. Double VPN.

Connect up to 5 devices

Protect your online privacy with enhanced security up to 5 devices.

Gaming Servers

Reduced Ping and level up your online gaming experiene.

BitTorrent support

BitTorrent Support Securely share files with your real lP and sensitive data encrypted.

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Frequently asked questions

Is a Free VPN Extension Available for Chrome?

Yes, users can enjoy a free VPN extension for Chrome, such as our X-VPN Chrome extension, without any account registration. Simply download, install, and connect with a single click – ensuring a hassle-free and private browsing experience.

How Does X-VPN Uphold My Privacy with a No-Log Policy?

We take your privacy seriously. We adhere to a strict no-log policy, ensuring that none of your online activities are tracked or recorded. Enhancing this commitment, our free VPN service requires no registration. That means you can use X-VPN without signing up or signing in, offering unparalleled digital anonymity and a secure browsing experience.

Does Chrome Offer Its Own VPN Extension?

While Chrome doesn't provide its own VPN extension, it fully supports third-party extensions like ours for enhanced security. Easily add X-VPN's VPN extension from the Chrome Web Store for improved privacy and security while browsing.

How do I enable a VPN extension on Chrome?

Enabling our VPN extension on Chrome is easy and quick. Simply add it from the Chrome Web Store, install it, and then connect with one click. Our intuitive design ensures a hassle-free experience for all users. Get your VPN for Chrome today and enjoy the free protection from X-VPN!

Does a VPN Extension Impact Internet Speed in Chrome?

Although a VPN may slightly affect internet speed, our optimized VPN minimizes this impact. Free users are automatically connected to the nearest fast server.

Is It Safe to Use a VPN with Chrome?

Absolutely. Using a VPN with Chrome enhances your online safety, particularly with our robust encryption and privacy measures. However, note that advanced features like Kill Switch and Static IP are exclusive to premium users.

Ready to elevate your online experience? Go Premium for just $71.99 (12+3 months) today! Explore a vast network of 225 VPN server locations, enjoy uninterrupted streaming of your favorite content, and benefit from extra layers of protection. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you have nothing to worry about. Secure your online world now!

How Can I Change My IP Address with a Chrome VPN?

Changing your IP address is seamless with our Chrome VPN. Free users are auto-connected to a fast server nearby, instantly securing and anonymizing your online presence. To ensure your VPN service is on to secure browsing with a changed IP, you can use our IP Address Checker tool to see if your IP address changes before and after tuning on our VPN app.

Why Upgrade to X-VPN's Premium Version?

Our premium version offers over 225 VPN server locations and dedicated servers for streaming, gaming, and secure file sharing. Upgrade for enhanced flexibility, superior speeds, and specialized server access, perfect for a diverse online experience.

What to Look for in the Best VPN for Chrome?

The best VPN for Chrome combines ease of use, speed, security, and privacy. Ours stands out with a no-registration policy for free users, offering a swift and private browsing experience. Learn about choosing the best VPN.

How Do I Disable the VPN in Chrome?

Disabling our VPN in Chrome is straightforward. Click on the VPN extension icon and select 'Disconnect' to manage your connection. This simple process allows for easy VPN management within your browser.

What's the Difference Between a VPN and a Chrome VPN Extension?

A VPN secures all your device's internet traffic, whereas a Chrome VPN extension specifically secures your browser activity. Use our extension as a convenient tool for controlling your VPN directly within Chrome.

Does Chrome Include a Built-In VPN?

No, Chrome doesn't have a built-in VPN. Using a third-party extension like ours ensures secure and private browsing, plus the convenience of no registration for free users. Find out more about enhancing Chrome's security with a VPN.

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X-VPN has maintained a high user satisfaction rate of 94%+ since 2014. We are confident that you'll love our VPN service. lf for any reason you are not completely satisfied, we offer a 100% refund within 30 days.