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All Features of X-VPN

X-VPN is a powerful product with various features to provide you secure internet environment and the best user experience.

Global Servers

Easily connect to anywhere you want!

X-VPN deployed 200+ locations with 8000+ servers in 50+ countries around the world, delivering ultra-fast and reliable VPN service to you.

VPN Protocols

Trusted encapsulate and encrypt technology!

With an extensive choice of VPN protocols, you can use the most applicable protocol to decide how to encrypt online traveling of your data.

VPN Speed Test

Find the fastest VPN location for you!

Speed is the key metric of VPN connection! With our real-time ping VPN speed test, you can find the fastest VPN location even specific to the fastest IP!

Private Browser

Stop being followed online now!

All your browsing history, cookies, and site data or information entered in forms will not be recorded when you use Private Browser inside X-VPN.

Available on Android

Kill Switch

Emergency stop of unprotected connection!

Use Kill Switch to prevent personal data leaks to the web, since it disables internet access when the VPN tunnel is off to ensure the protection of personal privacy.

Application Control

Control certain Apps to bypass the VPN tunnel!

Let some of your apps use the VPN tunnel to encrypt data while others access the internet directly, so you can access foreign and local internet content at the same time.

Available on   Android &  Windows
  • Dark Mode
  • Stable Connection
  • Notification Bar
  • Connection Log

Dark Mode

Dark Mode is available on iOS and Android of X-VPN to provide you better viewing experience in low-light environments.

Stable Connection

Stable Connection is a unique feature of X-VPN!
When you turn on Stable Connection, the connection may take a longer time but will be more stable.

Notification Bar

This is a convenient feature for Android users, you can connect and disconnect easily through the notification bar. Available on Android

Connection Log

Connection Log only saved on your device, helping you check the status of historical IP and connect to a certain one. Also, the fastest IP of the VPN speed test will save here for you.