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How to get a Canadian IP address?


Download and install X-VPN

Go to our official VPN free download page or your device's app store. Download our VPN and follow the instructions to install securely on your device.


Connect to a CA VPN server

Open X-VPN, choose "Location", then select and connect to a Canadian server. You can use our free IP Checker to confirm that you have successfully get a Canada IP address.

Choose the fastest VPN servers for Canada

We provide over 1000+ servers in Canada's top cities like Montreal, Quebec, and Toronto. Moreover, you can access 3000+ US servers in 21 key US cities and enjoy a broad network with over 8000+ VPN servers spread across 60 countries worldwide.

What is a VPN?

A VPN, short for Virtual Private Network, is a service that protects your online activities. It hides your real IP address and connects your device to an overseas server, making it appear as if you're browsing from there. This makes your internet use more secure, private, and allows access to region-restricted content.

Why use a VPN for Canada?

Hide IP Address

X-VPN can help to conceal your IP address, effectively making you invisible online, protecting your digital identity.

Canada Everywhere

Try VPN for streaming. No matter where you are in the world, stay connected with your favorite Canadian shows, sports, and more.

Cheaper Online Shopping

Turn on your VPN to check prices in other regions. You might just nab yourself a bargain!

Public Wi-Fi Security

Boost your security on public Wi-Fi networks, reducing the risk of data leakages, identity theft or other cyber threats.

Avoid ISP Throttling

Prevent your Internet Service Provider (ISP) from slowing down your internet speed when streaming or downloading large files.

Enhanced Online Gaming

Boost your gaming with trustworthy and quick connections using a secure gaming VPN for Canada. Gain access to international gaming servers.

Seamless global sports streaming with X-VPN

Access full NHL streaming from anywhere

In Canada, hockey is more than a sport – it's a lifestyle. But catching NHL matches while abroad can be difficult and potentially expensive. X-VPN allows you to effortlessly switch to a Canadian IP or US IP, ensuring you have access to every NHL game no matter where you are, without any blackout interruptions.

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Enjoy local and global NBA streaming

If you're in Canada, you may be restricted to nationally televised games and a limited choice of local team broadcasts. X-VPN is your ticket to significant games that aren't televised locally or nationally. Just switch to a US IP address with our VPN, and you can access a wider range of NBA streams, following every game of your favorite team with ease, right from your couch!

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Watch Canadian streaming content worldwide safely

For those outside Canada who want to tune into native Canadian streaming services, X-VPN comes in handy. It enables users to safely switch to a Canadian IP address and seamlessly gain access to popular Canadian streaming platforms. Such platforms include CBC Gem, CTV, Crave, Global TV, and Citytv, among others.

Best VPN for Streaming

Get VPN free trial

Enjoy a 7-day VPN free trial when downloaded from official app stores like Google Play, Mac Store, or Apple TV Store. No advance payment required, all on us. If you download our VPN from our official website, we offer 30-day refund policy — if you’re not 100% satisfied, you can cancel the subscription and get a refund anytime within this period.

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Other popular VPN servers for users from Canada


What is the best VPN for Canada?

The choice of an optimal VPN for Canada would depend on various factors including speed, server locations, privacy, and price. X-VPN is a reliable choice with over 1000 servers in Canada alone and a perfect choice for sports streaming for Canada.

How can I get a Canadian IP address with a VPN?

By using X-VPN, you can easily get a Canadian IP address. Simply download X-VPN, install it, and select a Canadian server from the VPN server list.

Can I watch Canadian TV online with a Canadian VPN?

Yes, you can. With X-VPN, you can access local Canadian streaming platforms such as CBC Gem, CTV, Crave, Global TV, and Citytv regardless of your location by connecting to a Canadian server.

Is it legal to use a VPN in Canada?

Yes, it is absolutely legal to use a VPN in Canada for legitimate purposes like online privacy, safety, and to access geo-restricted content.

Can I use X-VPN to get around blackout restrictions in Canada?

Definitely. For instance, if a local NHL game is blacked out in your region, X-VPN can help you avoid this. You can bypass such blackout restrictions by using X-VPN to switch to an out-of-market server location. This ensures you have uninterrupted access to your favorite NHL games.

Why do I need a VPN to stream Canadian sports?

A VPN like X-VPN is beneficial if you're outside Canada and want to stream Canadian sports. It bypasses geographical restrictions of streaming platforms. Additionally, X-VPN's obfuscation technology can bypass VPN blocks, ensuring a smoother streaming experience.