No IPv6 Leak, you are protected by X-VPN
No IPv6 address is found
IPv6 is leaking

You are connecting from an IPv4 address:

Type: IPv4
ISP:, Inc.
Region: Ashburn

Process failed

There might be a network issue causing the detection to fail. Please check your network connectivity and try again.


X-VPN: Not Connected OFF

No IPv6 address is found

X-VPN: Not Connected OFF

There is IPv6 traffic on your device and there may be an IPv6 leaking


X-VPN: Connected ON

No IPv6 address is found and there is no IPv6 leak

X-VPN: Connected ON

Please make sure you have updated to the last version of X-VPN and you can contact support for help.

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What is IPv6?

IPv6 and IPv4 are two versions of the Internet Protocol (IP) that are used for identifying and addressing devices on a network. IPv6 offers a larger address space, simplified header format, built-in security, and improved address allocation compared to IPv4.

What is IPv6 leak?

When a user connects to the internet, their device may have both IPv6 and IPv4 connectivity. If the VPN or proxy settings only route IPv4 traffic through the secure tunnel while allowing the device's native IPv6 traffic to bypass it, IPv6 leak can occur. In such cases, websites or online services that support IPv6 can potentially detect and log the user's real IPv6 address, bypassing the VPN's intended anonymity and privacy benefits.