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Why use a VPN for the USA?

Protect online privacy

Protect your digital identity and secure your online activities from cyber threats, ensuring your personal information stays safe. You can further strengthen your online security with features like IP leak Protection, DNS leak Protection, and WebRTC leak Protection.

Access US content

Effortlessly bypass geographical restrictions and indulge in a broad range of globally blocked content, especially from popular US-based services like Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu.

VPN for Streaming

Secure Public Wi-Fi

Secure your data on public Wi-Fi networks with X-VPN. Utilize features like Kill Switch to maintain your data security even in the unexpected event of VPN connection disruption and Double VPN for an added security layer.

Bypass Censorship

Solve VPN blocks and access globally geo-blocked sites and apps. Our VPN Obfuscation feature can be especially helpful in these scenarios.

VPN for Social Media

Avoid ISP Throttling

Prevent ISPs from limiting your internet speed based on your online activity. Using Split Tunneling, you can even choose which data goes through VPN and which utilizes your usual network.

How to get a US IP address?


Get a VPN with a US Location

Install X-VPN on your device from our VPN free download page.


Select a US server

Open X-VPN. Choose a US server from our list to connect and get a US IP address.

Easy connect to all US servers

Experience easy and quick connections with X-VPN. Our network includes more than 3000 US servers across 15 states and 21 key cities. Globally, our network broadens to over 8000 VPN servers, ensuring reliable and fast connections worldwide.

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  • Phoenix

  • Fremont

  • Los Angeles

  • San Francisco

  • San Jose

  • Miami

  • Atlanta

  • Chicago

  • Newark

  • New York City

  • Dallas

  • Salt Lake City

  • Ashburn

  • Seattle

What makes X-VPN the best choice for US?

Free Plan
No Bandwidth limits
No Log Policy
Highest Encryption
US Servers
Global Servers
Streaming Servers
500+ Go Premium
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Other popular VPN servers for users from USA


What is the best VPN for the USA?

There is a wide range of VPNs for the USA available, and the best one often depends on specific user needs. X-VPN stands as one of the best options.Serving millions of users in the USA and garnering over 400,000 five-star reviews in the US App Store, X-VPN offers fast, secure, and reliable VPN service.

How do I get a US IP address with a VPN?

Using X-VPN, you can easily get a US IP address. Download X-VPN, choose a server from the USA list, and connect.

How can I watch US Netflix from another country?

Yes. The VPN masks your IP address, making it seem as though you’re in the USA, thereby allowing access to geo-restricted content. X-VPN enables you to access US Netflix from anywhere by using our dedicated streaming servers specifically for US Netflix.

Are there free VPNs with USA servers?

Yes, but it’s important to choose a reliable provider, such as X-VPN, that prioritizes user privacy with a strict no-log policy and has a history free of any security breaches. X-VPN’s robust free version provides access to our variety of USA servers and offers unlimited bandwidth.

Which VPN has the most US servers?

Among the VPNs offering US servers, X-VPN stands out with more than 3000 servers across 15 states and 21 major cities in the USA.