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The Best VPN for Social Media

We believe that all human deserves a free internet

Apps that always get blocked

Many governments, ISPs, and companies have taken the practice of censoring for ages. Anyway, we believe that all humanity deserves free internet.

  • Use ChatGPT with a VPN
  • Unblock SnapChat
  • Unblock Twitter
  • Unblock FaceBook
  • Unblock Telegram
  • Unblock Whatsapp
  • Unblock Reddit
  • Unblock Discord
  • Unblock Instagram
  • Unblock Youtube
  • Unblock Tinder
  • Unblock Skype

The above apps are only part of apps that X-VPN supports, if what you are looking for is not on the list, just connect X-VPN and try. Or you contact us through Live Chat.

The Strongest Protocol

Unlike others VPN service providers, X-VPN uses a self-developed VPN protocol, Everest protocol, and Shell protocol.

X-VPN can easily disguise the data by simulating the communication patterns of other protocols to prevent filtering/blocking while not compromising the security as multiple unparalleled encryptions & authentication algorithms are implemented within.

8000+ Global Servers

X-VPN deployed over 200 locations with 8000+ servers in 50+ countries around the world. The diversity of servers greatly improves the connection success rate and speed of global users.

All Locations, Streaming Locations, Gaming Locations


Timely support from real people.

24-hour live chat support or you can email us at support@xvpn.io anytime.

Contact Us

30-day Money-Back Guarantee

We believe X-VPN provides you with the best VPN service. Anyway, get a refund if you are not satisfied, no risk.

Try X-VPN Risk-Free