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We believe that all human deserves a free internet

Apps that always get blocked

Many governments, ISPs, and companies have taken the practice of censoring for ages. Anyway, we believe that all humanity deserves free internet.

  • ChatGpt Use ChatGPT with a VPN
  • snapchat Unblock SnapChat
  • twitter Unblock Twitter
  • facebook Unblock FaceBook
  • telegram Unblock Telegram
  • whatsapp Unblock Whatsapp
  • reddit Unblock Reddit
  • discord Unblock Discord
  • instagram Unblock Instagram
  • youtube Unblock Youtube
  • tinder Unblock Tinder
  • skype Unblock Skype

The above apps are only part of apps that X-VPN supports, if what you are looking for is not on the list, just connect X-VPN and try. Or you contact us through Live Chat.

How does X-VPN unblock apps?

Principle of VPN unblocking

VPN establishes an encrypted data transmission channel between the user's device and the VPN server to access the app's content in regions where there is internet censorship.

11 self-developed protocols

X-VPN has created a total of 11 VPN protocols utilizing AES-256-bit encryption, such as UDP, TCP, TLS, HTTPS, and others. These protocols enable X-VPN to bypass worldwide network blocking.

Over 8000 global servers

X-VPN deployed over 200 locations with 8000+ servers in 50+ countries around the world. The diversity of servers greatly improves the connection success rate and speed of global users.
All Locations, Streaming Locations

X-VPN unblocks apps and content X-VPN's 11 self-developed protocols 8000 global VPN servers

Why should you choose X-VPN?

X-VPN workds worldwide Free VPN servers Highly reconginized VPN by customers

Works perfectly worldwide

No matter what kind of network blocking you may face or wherever you are located, with just one click, X-VPN will work perfectly for you.

Free servers

X-VPN provides FREE SERVERS on mobile and PC versions, no payment nor account is required. Download X-VPN for free and connect to VPN for free.

High reviews from customers

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