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How to get a UK IP address in 2 steps?


Download and install X-VPN

Visit our official VPN free download page or your device's app store to download our VPN and install it.


Connect to a UK VPN server

Open X-VPN, select a UK server from the list, and hit 'Connect'. You can use our free IP Checker to confirm that you have successfully get a UK IP address.

Choose the fastest VPN servers for the UK

You'll have access to over 300+ servers located in major UK cities such as London and Manchester. In addition, we provide global coverage with over 8000 VPN servers spread out in 60 countries, delivering unrivaled global connectivity and performance.

Why use a VPN for the UK?

Privacy Protection in the UK

A VPN in the UK encrypts your traffic and hides your IP address, securing your data and identity across all activities, from browsing to online banking, from potential threats and prying eyes.

Access UK Content Abroad

When you're traveling or living abroad, a VPN allows you to access UK-specific content such as BBC iPlayer, Channel4, ITV or local news channels that might otherwise be blocked due to regional restrictions.

VPN for Streaming

Secure Public Wi-Fi Use in the UK

Public Wi-Fi networks around the UK, like those in cafés, airports or hotels, can often be insecure. A VPN safeguards your data on these networks by creating a secure and private connection.

Avoid UK-Specific Surveillance

The UK's Investigatory Powers Act enables intensive government surveillance. A UK VPN serves as your safeguard, ensuring online privacy and freedom from intrusive data collection processes.

Get More Protection

Better Gaming and Streaming in the UK

VPNs prevent ISPs from selectively throttling your speed based on usage or content type by concealing your online activity, thereby ensuring more stable and smoother connections, especially for gaming and streaming.

Enjoy the best VPN for UK

We provide a comprehensive range of services to meet varied needs: a reliable free option for everyday use and advanced features for users seeking more robust security and versatility.

Kill switch

Kill switch

No worry about your online activities getting exposed during sudden VPN disconnects.

Spilt tunnel

Spilt tunnel

It gives you the flexibility to designate which apps or sites use VPN or not.

Double VPN

Double VPN

Provides an extra layer of security as your connection passes through two VPN servers.

Data Leak Protection

Data Leak Protection

Rest easy with the built-in IP/DNS/WebRTC leak protection that just works.

VPN Obfuscation

VPN Obfuscation

Helps bypass VPN-blocking measures by disguising VPN traffic with Everest protocol.

Private DNS

Private DNS

Surf the web more safely without concern about DNS leaks.

Security Tools

Security Tools

Check your VPN connection's effectiveness, generate secure passwords, and more – X-VPN has got you covered with its security tools suite.

Static IP

Static IP

Get a fixed IP address from over 8000 global options. Avoid repeated security checks or CAPTCHAs

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Can I watch UK TV abroad with a VPN?

Absolutely! X-VPN not only allows you to watch UK TV channels abroad, but also provides dedicated UK streaming servers for popular platforms like BBC iPlayer, Channel 4 and ITV. Just connect to a UK server using X-VPN, and enjoy your favourite UK content from anywhere in the world.

Is using a VPN legal in the UK?

Yes, the use of VPNs like X-VPN is legal in the UK. It’s a legitimate tool for ensuring your online privacy and security.

Can I get a free UK VPN?

Yes, X-VPN offers reliable free VPN services, allowing you to browse securely with a UK IP address.

How to get a UK IP address?

With X-VPN, getting a UK IP address is easy. Just download X-VPN, connect to a UK VPN server, and you’ll have a UK IP address.