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What is a VPN and why you need one?

Latest edited in 2023-05-31

VPN (Virtual private network) is a network technology that provides a secure and encrypted connection over a public network for its users. You can think of a VPN as a secure tunnel for connection. Your internet traffic is routed through that tunnel with encryption.

At the same time, it also enables the user's device to access Geo-restricted & firewalls blocked internet content.

Note that: VPN is not really a free internet source as it is a network tool that's designed to secure your internet traffic and allows you to access geo-restricted/school-blocked internet content. In that, you would have to have an internet connection on your device before the VPN does its job.

And as for what does X-VPN do:

Hide your personal IP address to keep anonymous online

With X-VPN, your internet connection is secured with advanced encryption so your personal data won't be compromised. And X-VPN can keep you anonymous online by hiding your personal IP which means no one can monitor your internet activities, including ISP & government.

Set your virtual location anywhere in the world

Many apps or sites need specific IPs to visit. You can change your IP to any country inside X-VPN to access all content you like.

Unblock Apps and websites

You can bypass network restrictions by using X-VPN. For example, you can access social media at school or you can use WhatsApp calls in the UAE.

You can see more benefits of X-VPN subscription on the X-VPN official website.

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