Dark Web

What Is Dark Web

The Dark Web, as the name implies, is meant to be a network hidden in the shadows. Ordinary Internet users cannot access the dark web through traditional means of searching, but must use particular software, specific authorization, or special configuration of the device to connect to the dark web.

The dark web often uses technologies that allow data to be transmitted through multiple layers of encryption and global nodes, thus avoiding retrieval and monitoring by conventional methods. Because of this, the Dark Web is extremely private, requiring a high level of cyber skill to intercept and very difficult to decipher after interception.

Because of its anonymity, the dark web is prone to illegal activities such as drug trafficking, pornography, data theft, and gun trafficking. Although the technology behind the dark web is legal and people can use the dark web for legitimate purposes, a large portion of the dark web is currently in a shady and dangerous area.

Origin of Dark Web

The Internet has a multilayered structure, and searching the Internet is like casting a large net towards the ocean's surface. While there is a huge amount of surface information that we can capture, information in the depths of the ocean is consistently missed by our net. The depth of the Internet is far beyond our imagination, and the content that is not indexed by traditional engines is called the Deep Web, and the Dark Web is a subset of it.

The Dark Web is actually a scientific research project initiated by the U.S. military - Project Tor. The program was actually created to anonymize Internet traffic and thus protect the online communications of the U.S. intelligence services.

However, since the project was implemented in 2003, the Dark Web has been used more often by crooks to hide their criminal traces or engage in other illegal behaviors.

Main Features of Dark Web

Strong Anonymity

This is the most significant feature of the Dark Web. It uses distributed, multi-node data access methods and multi-layer data encryption to design highly secure IP addresses for each packet, which means that if you want to get access to its online records and the list of real users, you have to break the dark web encryption system.

Hidden Payment

The Dark Web mainly uses Bitcoin as the transaction currency, because this virtual electronic currency does not require personal information of the buyer and seller during the transaction. It shows that transactions on the Dark Web are secure. The fact that many cybercrimes will use the dark web for their transactions is inextricably linked to this feature.


It is very difficult to monitor and manage the dark web, which has led to the illegal activities on the dark web becoming more and more rampant, and even developing towards sophistication and commercialization. The Dark Web has been categorized as one of the new cyber threats due to its great danger.