How to change language in X-VPN?

Latest edited on 2023-04-13

We understand how troublesome language barriers are, so we have set up multiple languages in multiple scenarios, you can follow the steps below to change the language used.

In the X-VPN app (mobile version)

We support 10 different languages in the app, they are English, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Hindi, French, Bengali, Azerbaijani, and Persian.

Steps: X-VPN home page>Left sidebar>Language>Change

On the X-VPN official website

We support 3 different languages on the X-VPN official website, they are English, Russian, and Arabic.

Steps 1: Website home page(> Click "English" in the upper right corner>Change

Steps 2: Website home page(> Scroll to the bottom of the page>Click "English" in the upper right corner>Change

If you can't find the language you want and want to add it, please write to

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