How to choose the right VPN server location?

Latest edited on 2024-02-28

This article will show you how to find the "best" VPN server for you. In general, it depends on what you are using X-VPN for and what your specific needs are.

People usually use VPNs for three purposes:

❑ To protect privacy and secure Internet access: The Fastest Server is the best for you.

❑ Bypassing network restrictions: The Fastest Server has the best overall experience for you.

❑ To access streaming, game, website, or application in a specific region:

➢ Find out if X-VPN provides a dedicated server for the content platform you need.

➢ If X-VPN does not provide a dedicated server, try the Location servers supported by the content platform one by one.

How can I find a more stable server (for the mobile version)?

Please open X-VPN main page > Advanced Feature > Stable Connection.

How can I find a faster server?

❑ If you have no specific regional requirements, then The Fastest Server is the best for you.

❑ If you need a server in a particular region, please use Speed Test to find the fastest one among them.

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Refer to this article for protocol selection.

How much internet speed do I need to work from home?

How much bandwidth do you need for streaming?

If you have more specific needs, such as a server that is better suited for downloading content, please contact us or write to and we will provide you with a recommendation for a targeted solution.

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