How to contact X-VPN support?

Latest edited on 2023-04-28

X-VPN provides 24/7 online customer service. When you encounter connection problems, subscription problems, setting problems, or any other problems, you can contact us at any time.

How to contact online customer service?

In the mobile version of the X-VPN app

Steps 1: X-VPN home page>Left sidebar>Support>Send your questions

Steps 2: X-VPN home page>Click on the small person icon in the upper right corner>Send your questions( premium only)

Note: We present some frequently asked questions at the bottom of the page. You can directly click on the relevant questions to get a quick reply. If you need manual service, please enter your question in the input box and the manual customer service will reply to you within 3 minutes.

In the PC version of the X-VPN app

Steps: X-VPN home page>Left sidebar>Support>Live Chat

On the X-VPN official website

Please click the small blue icon in the lower right corner on any page of the official website to contact us at any time.

Note: All online chats of X-VPN only support sending text and pictures. If you want to send videos, voices, files, etc. to the support team, please contact us through email.

How to contact the support team by email?

For normal problems, suggestions, reporting vulnerabilities/bugs, etc., please write to

For business cooperation, please write to

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