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How to delete an X-VPN account?

Latest edited on 2023-06-08

This article will guide you on how to delete your X-VPN account.


Before deleting the account, please make sure that there is no active subscription on your account. Deleting the account will not stop the automatic renewal of the subscription. If there is an active subscription on your account, please cancel the subscription first, and then delete the account after the subscription expires.

Please note that once the account is deleted, all related information will be completely deleted from the X-VPN system and can not be restored.

If you have decided to delete your account, please follow the steps below to delete your account.

For users of other systems(Except iOS, Android, and Mac):

Please write to support@xvpn.io and we will help you to delete the account.

For users of iOS and Android:

Steps: X-VPN home page>Left side bar>Account page>Delete account>Delete

For users of Mac:

Steps: X-VPN home page>Account page>Delete account>Delete

If you are an Android, iOS or Mac user, but do not see the delete account function, please upgrade your X-VPN to the latest version.

Need further help? Please write to support@xvpn.io.

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