How to Enable Static IP with X-VPN?

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The static IP feature is only available on iOS and Android devices with premium subscription. And what X-VPN offer is not dedicated IP but shared static IP. Learn more about what you can benefit from the VPN static IP in this article.

Setting up a static IP with X-VPN is a breeze. Here's how:

Step1: Download and Install X-VPN

Download the X-VPN app from your app store or official website, install it on your iOS or Android device. Check step by step guide for the X-VPN set up:

How to set up X-VPN on iOS devices-iPhone and iPad?

How to set up X-VPN/Android APK on Android devices?

Step2: Launch the App and Choose Your Plan

Choose a monthly or yearly subscription of X-VPN. Enjoy a 7-day free trial without payment. If you are not 100% satisfied with the premium service, you can cancel it anytime within the subscription period.

Step3: Find Static IP Feature

Find the static IP feature in the Advanced Features menu on the homepage corner.

Step3: Find Static IP Feature

Step4: Choose a Static IP

You will find the IP you are connecting and have connected before. All you need to do is connect to the same IP you want. If you don’t find one in your IP list, get back to the homepage and choose your prefer location in the server list and connect. You will get a new choice on the list.

Step4: Choose a Static IP

And voila! You now have secured, unlimited access to a stable internet experience.

You may also want to ask:

1. Where is X-VPN's static IP available?

X-VPN's static IP feature is accessible on all offered servers which cover 60+ different countries.

2. What's the cost of using static IP on X-VPN?

There is no extra cost for using the static IP feature on X-VPN. It is included in X-VPN's subscription packages.

3. Does X-VPN's performance change with static IP?

The performance of X-VPN does not change with a static IP. You will continue to enjoy fast, stable, and secure connectivity with X-VPN's static IP.

4. Is X-VPN's static IP feature available on all apps?

X-VPN's static IP feature is only available on iOS and Android devices.

5. Are all X-VPN protocols compatible with the static IP feature?

Yes, all X-VPN protocols are compatible with the static IP feature.

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