How to Use a VPN on Chromebook

Latest edited on 2024-03-15

With the unique features of the Chromebook system, users not only can download Android apps from Google Play but also access new tools by installing browser extensions.

So you can use the X-VPN Android App and X-VPN Chrome Extension on your Chromebook. Both of these VPN services can provide data protection for your Chromebook, but the scopes of their roles are quite different.

Here are brief guides on how to use a VPN on Chromebook, but before you follow, you should note that if you have an older Chromebook model, this tutorial may not apply.

For Using Android App for Chromebook

1. Download and install the VPN from Google Play or APK file.

2. Choose a server and connect.

3. Enjoy surfing with X-VP

💡Applicable users: Users who want to bring comprehensive data protection to Chromebook.

Hit the link to get detailed step-by-step instructions: How to use VPN on Chromebook via Andriod app for Chromebook.

For Using X-VPN Chrome Extension for Chromebook

1. Get our extension from the Chrome Web Store.

2. Open X-VPN Extension on Chrome and turn it on.

3. Using the browser in a secure environment

💡Applicable users: Users who only need to safeguard Chrome privacy and security.

Click on the link for detailed step-by-step instructions: How to use VPN on Chromebook via X-VPN Chrome Extension.

Also, we provide you a video tutorial below, you can watch it and understand each step more clearly.

X-VPN Android APP vs Chrome Extension

X-VPN Android app can protect all internet traffic on your Chromebook, while X-VPN Chrome Extension uses encrypted proxies that only protect activity occurring on your Chrome browser, leaving other apps running on your Chromebook unsheltered.

While the X-VPN Google Extension isn't as comprehensive as the VPN app, it only slightly affects the speed of the internet activity in Chrome and doesn't cause delays in other apps, making it ideal for users who only need to secure the privacy of their browsers.

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