Why is my internet speed slower after connecting to X-VPN?

Latest edited on 2023-08-17

The VPN speed usually will be affected by several factors, including the user's local network, the number of online users for the server, the server quality, etc.

If you are a free user:

1. Please kindly try protocols A and B.

2. Besides, we would recommend you take a try with our 7-day trial. The premium servers are more stable and faster.

If you are a premium user:

1. Check your local network

2. Select different servers to connect

3. Run a speed test to choose the fastest location for you

Please tap/click "Select Location" to pull up the server list page, then click the clock icon to run a ping test.

You can choose locations you want to test in the list.

It may take about 10 minutes to finish the test. Please choose the first server with the highest download speed to connect.


Notice: VPN can't substantially increase the speed of your local Internet, it may work on a global connection. For example, when you browse the Japan website in the United States, connecting to the Japan servers may be faster.

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