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How to set up X-VPN on macOS?

Latest edited on 2022-12-20

In this article, you will learn how to install and set up the X-VPN on your MacOS. This app is the only thing you will ever need to protect your data, bypass censorship, and enjoy streaming content, without configuring complex VPN parameters manually in OS. Now follow the steps below to setup X-VPN on your device.

Find out which macOS your Mac is using.

X-VPN requires macOS 10.11 or above to use. Please find out which macOS your Mac is using from the Apple menu  in the corner of your screen, choose About This Mac.

To setup on macOS 10.11 below.

If you are using macOS 10.11 below, please try to set up X-VPN on your Router to get all your devices connected and protected with VPN. 

To setup on macOS 10.11 or above.

First, download X-VPN.

We support three ways to download, you can choose one of them in the light of actual conditions.

1. Download from MacStore. Recommended.

2. Download from X-VPN official website if you have no access to MacStore.

3. Download from X-VPN Github if you have no access to X-VPN official website.

    A pop up dialogue box will appear when downloading .dmg file from X-VPN official website or Github and it is fine to click “OK” to dismiss the error. 

Second, follow the instruction to finish the installation.  

Third, Sign in / sign up X-VPN account then connect.

If you've already have an account on mobile X-VPN, it will be convenient to login with passcode via mobileAfter successfully logging in, tap Connect and X-VPN will lead you to the fastest VPN server available. Now leave the VPN opened in the background and enjoy unrestricted access to the internet. 

If you failed to install X-VPN on macOS Catalina 10.15, follow this guide. Still have issues? Please feel free to contact us via Livechat.

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