How to use X-VPN on Nintendo Switch?

Latest edited on 2022-01-12

1. Free download  X-VPN for IOS/Android.


2. Select Left menu> For Game Consoles/Proxy Server to set up with your Switch.

3. Configure the Proxy Server on your Switch:

Open Settings on your Switch.

Select Internet > Internet Settings.

Connect to the same Wi-Fi with mobile.  

Select Change Settings.

In the advanced settings, select the following options:

  · IP Address Settings: Select Automatic. 

  · DHCP Host: Select Don’t Specify. 

  · DNS Settings: Select Automatic. 

  · Proxy Server: Select On. 

  · MTU Settings: Select Automatic.

Proxy Server: Enter the Address and Port Number you get in Step2. Select Save.

If you want to extend X-VPN to more devices, such as Xbox, we recommend using the router version to set up more stable connection.

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