What should I do if being charged twice?

Latest edited on 2023-11-22

Double payments can occur in the following two situations:

1. When you subscribe X-VPN on different platforms, such as the official website, App Store, or Google Play.

2. When your subscription on the same platform expires and you manually make a purchase instead of renewing. However, the original subscription automatically renews after a successful purchase, resulting in a double payment.

If you observe a double deduction from your subscription, no need to worry. We have a reliable process in place to assist you. Please follow the steps outlined below:

1. If you've been double-charged, please reach out to our support team promptly. You can contact us via email at support@xvpn.io or live chat in our app or on our official website.

2. For payment confirmation, it would be helpful if you could provide one of the following details:

  • Payment receipt
  • Screenshot of the payment
  • Transaction ID
  • Payment notification email

3. Once your information is received, a detailed review will be conducted to address your concerns. You are encouraged to get in touch with our customer service team at any time. We can provide personalized responses based on your payment circumstances and keep you updated on your refund status.

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