What should I do if the payment fails?

Latest edited on 2023-12-15

Generally speaking, payment platforms, bank cards, and networks can be the reason for unsuccessful payments, here are some possible scenarios.

1. Cryptocurrency

❑ A user can create up to 3 orders at the same time. If you find that you are unable to create a new order, please complete the previous order before creating a new one.

❑ If you have already paid part of the amount but receive an email saying that you have not paid enough and need to pay a further amount, please do not worry, please make up the difference needed and cryptocurrency will consolidate the two payments and complete the payment for you. If you fail to make up the difference before the end of the order, the order will be automatically refunded.

2. Credit card payments

❑ If you receive an error message when entering your card details, this means your card has been declined by the payment platform, please change to another card or payment method to make your payment.

❑ If you receive an error message as shown below when completing your payment, this means that the payment platform has failed to debit your payment. Please check if your credit card balance is sufficient or use another bank card to make the payment.

3. Network problems

❑ Some areas have extreme network restrictions. If you experience network problems during the payment process that prevent you from paying, please turn on X-VPN and connect to the free server before making your payment.

The above are the common payment problems we have listed. If the problem you encounter is not listed here, please contact us or write to support@xvpn.io, our customer service will do our best to solve your problem as soon as possible.

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