X-VPN Official Test User Recruitment

Latest edited on 2023-06-14

😀 Want to be a test user of X-VPN?

😃 Want to use X-VPN for free every month while making money?

😁 Want to stand out from hundreds of millions of users and get first-hand X-VPN resources?

😆 The best opportunity is now! Join us as a test user, you will get what you want!

Scanner maintenance users (emergency recruitment)

What you will get:


Free monthly VIP

X-VPN official test user honor certification

The work you do will help optimize the online experience of your fellow locals

What you need to do:

own a personal computer

Have a stable network (broadband or WIFI)

Ensure that the test device runs 7*24 hours, check at least twice a day (about 5 minutes per checking)

When there is a problem with the test device, you can reply to our message as soon as possible for debugging.

Keep the work content confidential

Ordinary test users (long-term recruitment)

What you will get:

$20 for four tests

Free monthly VIP

The latest version of X-VPN priority experience qualification

X-VPN official test user honor certification

What you need to do:

Conduct a routine test once a week, and return the test results within 24 hours at the latest (about 10 minutes per test).

When an emergency test is required, reply to the message in time and return the test result as soon as possible.

Keep the test content confidential

If you are interested in becoming an X-VPN test user and meet the above conditions, please contact us.

Email: support@xvpn.io.

Live Chat: Click on the lower right corner to contact us now.

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