Why X-VPN protocol changes automatically?

Latest edited on 2024-04-17

Normally, if you didn't manually select a protocol, then X-VPN will automatically connect to the protocol that performs best overall for you. However, you may also encounter a situation where you select a protocol but X-VPN automatically switches to another one, here are a few possible reasons for this and the corresponding solutions.

The protocol you have selected is not available in the current network situation

Different networks may have different levels and types of network censorship, so when your selected protocol cannot establish a connection in the current network situation, X-VPN will automatically switch to the protocol that performs best overall for you.

If you have a specific preference for protocols, we recommend that you choose a protocol based on its qualities. The protocols with the lightning bolt logo are the most popular protocols in your region, so check them out too. Of course, you can also contact Customer Service to make a recommendation for you.

Reconnection due to a change in network conditions

When a change in the network to which your device is connected causes the VPN to reconnect in the background, this may also result in a protocol switch. You can choose a new protocol, and we recommend that you turn on Kill Switch to protect your privacy.

Special servers and protocols

Special servers such as CF Line are bound to a specific protocol, M-Everest, so if you connect CFLine with a protocol such as A-UDP eventually X-VPN will still connect you to M-Everest. A similar situation exists with Ultimate Line (K-Everest).

Generally speaking, switching protocols does not affect your daily experience, but if you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to contact us.

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