A private VPN protocol based on HTTP by X-VPN

Everest VPN protocol - HTTP

What is Everest-HTTP protocol?

The Everest-HTTP Protocol is a communication protocol developed by X-VPN. It employs the Hypertext Transfer Protocol(HTTP) to facilitate data transfer while implementing a sophisticated encryption technique based on Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) to enhance security. It is worth noting that the protocol has undergone further steps of concealment to strengthen its protection.

How HTTP protocol works?
HTTP protocol

HTTP protocol

HTTP is an internet protocol used for exchanging data between web servers and clients. It operates as a request-response protocol, where a client sends a request to the server and the server responds with the requested resource.

AES-256 encryption

AES-256 encryption

AES-256 Encryption is a symmetric key algorithm. It uses block cipher encryption technology with a fixed-length block size. Its high safety and anti-attack solid capabilities make it widely used in many fields.



Obfuscation techniques involve activities such as disguising the protocol traffic to make it appear like other types of traffic or encrypting it in a way that makes it difficult to distinguish from random noise.

How is Everest-HTTP?

Unblock: Excellent
Speed: Great
Stability: Great
Security: Great
Complexity: Great

All Protocols X-VPN Supports

X-VPN has developed multiple VPN protocols based on the global network environment, and is continually adding more protocols.

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Frequently asked questions

Should I choose the Everest-HTTP protocol?

We would recommend you choose the 'Auto' protocol, but sure, you choose the Everest-HTTP protocol to try. If it connects fast and works well, it's a good choice for you. If Everest-HTTP doesn't work for you, X-VPN will automatically connect you to other protocols.

Why isn't my chosen protocol the one that successfully connects in the end?

X-VPN will attempt to connect using your chosen protocol as the first option. If the connection fails, X-VPN will automatically try other protocols until it finds one that successfully connects.

What's the difference between Everest-HTTP and HTTP?

HTTP is a network transport protocol, and Everest-HTTP is a proprietary protocol developed by X-VPN. It utilizes HTTP as the network transport protocol while also incorporating AES-256 encryption and obfuscation, thereby enhancing both security and bypassing capabilities.

Should I purchase a premium account?

X-VPN offers free servers with limited speed on iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows platforms. If you desire unlimited speed, the ability to choose servers from different regions, or the use of X-VPN on other platforms, you may need to purchase the Premium version.



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