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  • Unblock TikTok live streaming and video call
  • Access global Netflix, HBO Max, Disney plus and more
  • Hide your IP address and stay safe online
  • Choose IP address from 225 locations
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Get X-VPN to unblock TikTok live streaming

Experiencing difficulties accessing TikTok live in Saudi Arabia on STC, Zain, and Mobily networks? Although TikTok is allowable in Saudi Arabia, the live streaming feature may not be fully accessible due to regional restrictions. Our VPN can mask your Saudi IP address, letting you broadcast or view live streams smoothly.

How to get a free VPN in Saudi Arabia?


Download and install X-VPN

Get our VPN from your device's app store or our official VPN free download site. Open the app.


Connect to free server

No need to register or sign up – you can immediately choose a Free Server and start using the VPN service.

Choose the fastest VPN servers worldwide

Access over 50+ servers in Jeddah, guaranteeing smooth browsing with a local Saudi IP even outside Saudi Arabia. Also, enjoy 8000+ global VPN servers access, easily switching IPs across 60+ countries for unbounded internet freedom.

Why you need a VPN for Saudi Arabia?


In Saudi Arabia, many popular apps and websites are blocked or limited. A VPN can help you get past these blocks and enjoy full access to all features.

Watch Global Streaming

Several well-liked streaming services like Netflix, HBOMax, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ are often limited to specific content in Saudi Arabia due to copyright laws. With a VPN for streaming, you can 'be' in any location of your choice, opening up access to the full library of these platforms.

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Make Free Voice and Video Calls

Although TikTok is allowable in Saudi Arabia, the live streaming feature may not be fully accessible due to regional regulations. A VPN can camouflage your Saudi IP address, letting you broadcast or view live streams.

Access Global Social Media

Switch your location to view geographically specific content on platforms like Twitter and Facebook, enabling you to follow worldwide trends, global events, and connect with fascinating individuals from around the globe.

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Stay Anonymous
Prevent Monitoring

Saudi Arabia's strict online surveillance records web activities. Using a VPN or hides your actions online, ensuring your privacy and preventing any tracking.

Hide Your IP Address

Given Saudi Arabia's strict internet surveillance policies, maintaining online anonymity is crucial. A VPN hides your real IP address by masking it with one from a server location of your choice, granting you full privacy.

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Avoid IP Leakage

Even diligent internet users can accidentally leak their real IP addresses via DNS, WebRTC, and IPv6 leaks. However, a VPN can plug these holes, further securing your confidentiality online.

DNS leak test

Game Ping

If you're playing popular games like PUBG, Call of Duty Mobile, or Battlegrounds Mobile in Saudi Arabia, a VPN could significantly reduce game ping, ensuring smoother gameplay and enhancing your competitive edge.

  • palworld
  • bgmi
  • roblox
  • lol
  • fortnite
  • fc24
  • minecraft
  • apex
  • pokemon
  • cod
  • marvel
  • cs

Don't worry about the VPN ban

Although VPN usage is technically restricted in Saudi Arabia, this doesn't stop over 30% of Saudis from harnessing VPNs to circumvent strict censorship and ensure privacy online. Since VPNs are so vital, users in Saudi need a way to use them securely and without worry. This is where X-VPN comes in.

We employ top-tier obfuscation technology with Everest Protocol across all 8000+ servers — a trailblazing feature in the industry. This technology expertly masks VPN traffic as regular internet traffic like web browsing, file downloading, or emailing, making it virtually impossible for anyone to detect VPN usage. This ensures you can continue to enjoy unrestricted and secure online access.

Don't worry about the VPN ban Try X-VPN Risk Free

What makes X-VPN the best VPN for KSA?

VPN Gate
Free Plan
No Sign up
No Log Policy
AES-256 Encryption
Global Servers
Obfuscated Servers
Streaming Servers
Gaming Servers
500+ Go Premium
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What is the best VPN to use in Saudi Arabia?

X-VPN stands out as a reliable and efficient option in Saudi Arabia. With robust encryption, industry-leading obfuscation technology, and a network of 8000+ servers, it ensures seamless, secure, and unrestricted browsing.

Is it legal to use a VPN in Saudi Arabia?

While using a VPN in Saudi Arabia is technically restricted, many Saudis use VPNs for privacy preservation and to bypass censorship. X-VPN's powerful obfuscation technology disguises your VPN use by making it appear as regular internet traffic, significantly reducing detectability.

How can I unblock websites using a VPN in Saudi Arabia?

X-VPN allows you to bypass geo-restrictions and access globally blocked content in Saudi Arabia. By switching your IP address to a region where the content is available, X-VPN lets you explore the internet without barriers.

Can I reduce game ping using a VPN in Saudi Arabia?

Absolutely! In certain scenarios, using a VPN such as X-VPN can help reduce game ping. This is particularly beneficial if you're playing a game hosted on an international server. By connecting to a server location closer to the game server, X-VPN can help decrease latency, ensuring a smoother gaming experience.