What is the best X-VPN protocol for me?

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This article will show you how to find the "best" VPN protocol for you.

Before connecting to X-VPN, you will see the Select Location and Protocol(Auto) buttons in the Home Page, so what is a protocol?

Simply put, a protocol defines how devices communicate with each other (for example, between your phone and the VPN server, or between the VPN server and the Facebook server you want to access).

Select Location and Protocol(Auto)

Which protocol is the best? Which protocol should you choose? In general it depends on the scenario and your needs when using a VPN.

Protect privacy and secure Internet access

All of X-VPN's self-developed protocols can do the job. If you don't have a specific preference for protocols, then just use the Auto protocol that X-VPN automatically recommends for you.

Bypass tight network restrictions

If your government, company or school has set up firewalls to restrict specific network activity, then we recommend protocol D-HTTP, E-Hidden-TLS, or adding domain names to protocols to disguise traffic.

For faster internet speed

When you have a requirement for network speed, such as making live voice calls, we recommend protocols A-UDP, B-TCP. Network speed is affected by many factors, so you can refer to How to choose the right X-VPN server location to choose a faster server.

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If you have more special needs, please contact our customer service we will give you a targeted recommendation.

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