Sep 09, 2017 | X-VPN News

What is X-VPN?


X-VPN, a virtual private network service with the support of high-end TBU protocol developed by a group of young people who all have passion in technology and have a dream to create a safe and fast internet environment, solves Geo-blocking problem and protect personal online privacy for users all over the world. 

Best VPN Service

We have been sparing no effort, in the past 6 months, to consistently complete and optimize the app, known as X-VPN, which is user-friendly and free to download and install. During the process of developing, problems and difficulty happen. 

However, bearing the mission to give all users the best online experience, we never thought about giving up. Tested and tested, X-VPN was finally released on July, 2017 with more than 20 servers and 4 versions compatible with electronic devices with any system you could think of in front of you and me.

Free Connected Limited

Free Connected Limited (FCL) was set up in Hong Kong after gaining our first success with number of users reaching 600K. We believe that in this way, more talented young people could join the FCL big family, sharing the passion and growing together with us. And at the same time, the official website, XVPN.IO, was put online. A simple one at the beginning, the site keeps updating in terms of quality content and page structure in case that users have questions about the product.

Free Connected Limited is a company driven by technology and users. X-VPN works on helping people get digital freedom and online data protection by the unique protocol we create-TBU Protocol.

Features of X-VPN Service

One of the advantages of X-VPN is that it has the clearest interface. Our UI and designing team have been trying their best to give you the most user-friendly interface in order to offer you the best online surfing experience.

Other features:

Change Your Servers at Ease

As a X-VPN user, you could change your servers to any of the following locations only if you want, which means you can change your IP address. This will be useful for you to unblock sites, keep yourself secure and conquer restrictions. 

  • Australia / Brazil / Canada / France / Germany / India / Japan / Mexico / Netherlands / Norway / Singapore / South Korea / Spain / US-Atlanta / US-Chicago / US-Dallas / US-Los Angeles / US-Miami / US-New York / US-San Francisco / US-Seattle / US-Silicon Valley / UK

How to Get Your Free VPN

The pricing is free and the downloading process is fast, secure and easy.

1. Go to X-VPN official website

2. Sign up to an X-VPN account

3. Click "Download" button on the right top of the homepage.

4. Choose your device and complete the download process.

5. Install the app on your electronic device and click "connect" button.

You may also subscribe to be a premium user. It’s not free of charge. Only premium users can enjoy premium service.


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Want unlimited internet connection? Get ready to enjoy X-VPN with the most reliable service to unblock,  encrypt and secure. Please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]; for more information, please refer to our Facebook and Twitter page. Welcome to follow us and you will be notified of our regular events.

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