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5 back to school tips for students

Oct 19, 2023   |   2 mins
5 back to school tips for students

Summer is coming to an end, get ready to go back to school. 

After entering the school, in terms of network security, as more people enter the school’s server, data protection becomes even more important. 

Back to school security measures to ensure your data security, It's necessary to protect your data with these tips :

1. Safety consciousness

The first thing that needs to be clear is to establish awareness of self-protection to prevent online security and privacy leaks.

2. Keep an eye on your computer

If you are the kind of person who leaves your laptop unlocked and unattended, get out of your habit immediately. Locking the screen while away from it will help prevent theft.

3. Secure software installation

Make sure you have installed virus and malware protection. To get better protection, most people consider using blocking programs, firewalls, and install VPNs to improve personal safety protection, especially when entering public WiFi in schools.

4. Confirm source 

Do not easily open unknown links, download, click or enter suspicious content. When there are unidentified malicious website links and emails, please be cautious about risky third-party applications. If you need to provide sensitive personal information, please double- check and verify that the source is accurate.

5. Dynamic update

Use VPN encryption to protect personal information when surfing online. X-VPN provides a fast, free online experience, and a reliable network security environment. You can also enable two-factor authentication for more protection. After activation, each time you log in from an unfamiliar device, a rolling verification code will be used. Some people also set up dynamic SMS password reminders, multiple protections to avoid being hacked.

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