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7 ways to boost internet speed with a VPN

Oct 19, 2023   |   2 mins
7 ways to boost internet speed with a VPN

It is normal for your internet speed to drop when connected to a VPN. This is because your data must take a moment to pass through a secure VPN tunnel. This does not mean that you must be satisfied with the slow Internet. Speed problems are usually temporary. Once the faulty route is repaired or a new route is added, the speed problem can be automatically repaired.

In the previous blog, we learned why VPN slow down when they are running. In response to this problem, in this article, we will tell you how to accelerate to get a better experience when using VPN.

  1. Restart the device

It is not uncommon for your system to experience slowness due to running too many resources or lack of memory. 

  1. Restart the modem or router

Your modem and router will start to slow down over time. Most of the reason is due to memory leaks, so only a simple restart can increase the speed.

  1. Change your device

VPN uses a lot of encryption, and this requires a lot of resources to support. Some devices cannot handle high-speed Internet. Suggest you can try a VPN connection on another device, normally, the VPN company support at least 2-3 devices for every account.

  1. Change your server

By choosing a server closer to you, it can speed up your connection. As we mentioned in the previous article, servers closer to you can avoid excessive line congestion and reduce the length of the connection.

  1. Change VPN port / protocol

The VPN software uses a specific port number to connect to the server. In addition, they also use specific protocols, such as TCP or UDP.

  1. Switch to wired connection

When you use wifi and there is a disconnection or unstable connection. This happens because they rely on the use of shared channels to transfer data between many devices. 

It’s better to use a wired connection. Wired connection provides higher speed and is the preferred option when running VPN.

  1. Choose one correct VPN

X-VPN uses a self-developed VPN protocol-X. Coupled with 9 types of tunneling protocol.At the same time, X-VPN support 5 devices, to satisfy your various needs with 24/6 live chat support. 

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