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How much do you know about Affiliate Program ?

What's an Affiliate Program ?

Affiliate Program is a form of advertising, through cooperation with advertisers, to achieve sales and generate membership income. By placing advertisers’ text, banners, videos, pictures, links, or other materials on their website. Once the user clicks on any of the referral links and performs the necessary actions, the affiliates will get paid from the advertiser. At present, it belongs to a mature form of cooperation.

How to choose an Affiliate Program ? 

1、A trustworthy brand with a good reputation in the market. You can check the product’s official website and application market user ratings.

2、Complete withdrawal method, through reasonable payment channels, such as paypal, bank transfer, etc. Trackback each withdrawal operation.

3、Reasonable commission payment ratio, while ensuring the income of the alliance members.

4、Brand support. Working with suppliers that provide good support may result in a difference between a good and a poor experience. Knowing that you can get support from them when you need it can give you peace of mind. Support from dedicated account managers to live chat or email support.

5、Brand reputation. It’s best to work with a reputable, high-traffic established brand. A powerful affiliate program network can provide conversion metrics, allowing you to see which merchants convert their visitors into sellers. 

Who can join the Affiliate Program?

First of all, who can participate in the affiliate program, experienced affiliate program participants can use the established channels, but ordinary users can also make money from it!

1、By obtaining the needs of advertisers, you can place referral links in your own account on social networks. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitch, Pinterest, etc. They can all be used as your promotional channels.

2、Use the forum as a signature to promote advertisers’ websites, products and services.

3、Write a blog to post on your sites, and use the promo materials they provide to complete more attractive content.

4、Shoot interesting promo videos and leave the referral links in the video description. Publish it on your youtube channel or any other video networks.

5、Recommend personally. Just tell them what benefits it will give them one by one for the people who are around you.

6、Newsletter to your active subscribers. If you have a vast user database, send a link in an email to list and describe the advantages and benefits.

How about X-VPN Affiliate Program ? 

1、Easy to sign up

Just three simple ways to sign up for one new account.

2、Chance to earn up to $3000

New sign-up will get 100% commission, the second repurchase will get 30% commission, and the accumulated profits can be withdrawn directly to the personal account at one time. X-VPN does not charge any withdrawal fees.

3、High conversion rate 10%

It’s available in iOS / Android / Windows / Mac / Chrome / Linux / Router / Amazon Fire TV ,  one account support up to 5 devices, free trial and the money-back guarantee, dedicated streaming and game servers, 8000+ servers all over the world. 

X-VPN provides high-quality products and services to satisfy all customers’ needs. With the help of our trusted brand and service, you’ll get a high conversion rate.

4、Manage your own business with global customers

Trusted by 70 million users. Our product specializes in VPN, which has gained a reliable reputation for its fast speed, privacy protection, and personal anonymity. We have gained a good reputation in the European and American markets. We also have strong user growth in the Middle East and Southeast Asian countries. 

Through X-VPN's global user influence, you can cooperate with global users to internationalize and market your business territory.

5、Start your business without any charge and no risk 

The registration application does not incur any fees. We only need your basic contact information, name, email address, area, etc. so that we can contact you and answer any of your questions more quickly. Like X-VPN's strict privacy protection protocol, we will not record user data and will not use it on third-party platforms.

6、Dedicated customer service to answer your question one-on-one

Each alliance partner has exclusive VIP customer service, which can help you in real-time to answer any questions you encounter.

7、Enrich your benefits

Diversify and enrich your income. If you have a full-time job, X-VPN Affiliate Program can bring you additional income without taking any risks. If you are looking for a career that can be started, X-VPN will also become your most trusted partner. 

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