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How to unblock TikTok in India (Tutorial steps)

59 mobile applications were blocked by the Indian government yesterday. Among them, TikTok, the world’s hottest software, is currently removed from the Google Play Store and App Store in India.

And now it is disabled access to its servers from any Indian IP address when you open the app now, you will see this notice and the banned information without any videos as usual.

Download X-VPN and Try Now

Even after being banned, is there no way to continue using TikTok ?

Of course no !

X-VPN helps you to circumvent the ban, also we provide personal data protection, and with no log. X-VPN encrypts your data so no one can access your internet traffic including government, ISPs, and hackers.

There are two ways to use Tiktok in India with X-VPN :

Download X-VPN and Try Now

【Enter TikTok through browser 】

1.Download X-VPN from Google Play, App Store,APK, and other application market.

2.Click and then get connection with X-VPN

3.Enter TikTok through browser https://www.tiktok.com/foryou?lang=en 

Enter TikTok through application】

1.Download X-VPN from Google Play, App Store,APK, and other application market

2.Remove your sim card first (Important!!)

3. Connect to WiFi or Hotspot.

4. Connect X-VPN and make sure your IP is not in India.

5. Open TikTok application finally.

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