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Access all social media with a VPN in Myanmar

Oct 19, 2023   |   1 mins
Access all social media with a VPN in Myanmar

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Over the past few days, we all know that some extraordinary events in Myanmar have caused social media usage to be paralyzed for a while.

When social media is blocked, how do we return to regular use and stay connected to the outside world using X-VPN? Free access to Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, and Whatsapp.

Why a VPN can help you access to unblock sites

The VPN will exchange your IP address with the remote VPN server IP address to protect your privacy. After enabling VPN, whether it's voice, text, or video, all network traffic is transmitted from your computer to the VPN server using a secure channel.

X-VPN encrypts your data, locations, communication, and other private information when you are online, and we provide 50+ locations and 8000+ servers for users to choose from. Through VPN's location selection, you can change the virtual country/region at any time and bypass geographic restrictions. By selecting different locations to change your IP, avoid exposing your IP addresses.

How to use X-VPN

1. Download and install X-VPN in the application market

Google Play I Android Users

Apk I Android User

App Store I iOS User

2. Choose one of the 8000+ servers you like

3. Change your IP and protect your surfing activities