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Best VPN for Torrenting: Safe, Fast and Private

Jan 10, 2024   |   9 mins
Best VPN for Torrenting: Safe, Fast and Private

Embarking on the torrenting voyage? Secure the best VPN for torrenting early on, ensuring a seamless blend of speed and privacy as you use BitTorrent, uTorrent, or qBittorrent. While these platforms are game-changers for sharing large files, they come with risks like privacy breaches and security threats. A reliable VPN service not only enhances your experience but also maintains your security. However, remember that VPNs should not be used for illegal downloading—they're for protection, not piracy.

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The 5 Best VPNs for Torrenting Securely: Best Picks

A VPN's speed, security, and privacy are all important factors when it comes to torrenting. We investigated the best VPN for torrenting and have listed the top 5 below:

・X-VPN - Best VPN for Torrenting Overall

・Express VPN - Best VPN with Extra Security

・CyberGhost - Best for Secure P2P Connections

・NordVPN - Great for Avoiding Malicious Torrents

・Surfshark - best Budget Friendly VPN for Torrenting

X-VPN - Best VPN for Torrenting Overall

X-VPN for Windows

X-VPN is one of the best VPNs for torrenting if you are looking on the internet for yourself. You will receive the maximum speed by using smart routing, which selects the optimal server according to your network conditions.

When it comes to torrenting, finding a VPN that integrates seamlessly with all mainstream torrent platforms while ensuring safety and speed isn't an easy task. Yet, X-VPN, does so effortlessly, supporting P2P and boasting incredible compatibility with major torrent platforms.

With a sprawling network of over 8000 VPN servers in 225 regions globally, X-VPN ensures a speedy and smooth torrenting experience. Among these servers, more than 1000 are specifically optimized for torrenting, delivering unrivaled speeds and dedicated torrenting routes. This considerable server count outshines many top VPN providers, rendering X-VPN a reliable ally for your torrenting adventures.

In order to ensure internet security, X-VPN utilizes AES 256-bit encryption, which is considered to be one of the strongest encryption standards available. The VPN also maintains a policy that guarantees anonymity and does not track or record your online activities. You don't have to worry about X-VPN collecting or storing your browsing histories, IP addresses, or DNS requests when you use it. Moreover, you don't need to worry about any data leaks like IPv6 leak, WebRTC leak or DNS leak, because it comes with all protection features which makes your online activity and data private and safe.

In cases where torrent websites is restricted or geo-blocked, X-VPN's robust VPN obfuscation technology comes to the rescue. It camouflages your torrenting and downloading traffic as regular internet use, keeping your VPN usage undetectable.

X-VPN has impressive support for a variety of platforms. You can get VPN free download for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Chrome, Linux, Android TV, Amazon Firestick TV, Apple TV, Switch, PS4/PS5, XBOX, and more. Importantly, X-VPN allows up to 5 simultaneous connections, empowering everyone to stay connected securely.

For anyone seeking a reliable and secure VPN, X-VPN's advanced encryption protocols, strong bypass, easy-to-use interface, and wide selection of servers make it the perfect choice.


・Completely Safe VPN

・Allow P2P

・Work with most of the Devices

・Good Speed

・Large Server Network

・Simple and Easy to Use


・Slightly Expensive

Express VPN - Best VPN with Extra Security

With ExpressVPN, you can share files on torrent networks securely, thanks to its speed and powerful encryption. When torrenting, you don't have to worry about a slow connection. With more than 3000 servers in more than 100 countries, your connection will be routed through the nearest server.

The information you provide to ExpressVPN is never stored on its servers; the data is deleted each time the server is rebooted. Additionally, it supports Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. Besides the kill switch, a DNS leak protection ensures that your IP address is not leaked to the public when your network drops and a kill switch protects your online activity from being blocked when your network drops.

All of this provider's servers are P2P-friendly, with more than 3200 in more than 100 countries. Thanks to WireGuard tunneling protocol, you won't even notice the downloading is over. With Nexus' Software Defined Networking (SDN) update, you can expect excellent connectivity as well.

Furthermore, the Bypasser tool will be very useful for torrenters who only need a VPN for torrenting. VPN traffic can be routed exclusively to torrents while you surf the internet as usual. Furthermore, you can use the Camouflage and NoBorders modes even in countries like China in order to browse and torrent freely.


・Large number of server locations

・Bypasser for split VPN routing

・WireGuard-spiced speeds


・No dedicated torrenting servers

・Only available with paid account

・The most expensive

・Some features cost extra

CyberGhost - Best for Secure P2P Connections

For those looking for the Best VPN for Torrenting, CyberGhost VPN is another excellent option. P2P and torrenting are easily and securely shared and downloaded thanks to its specialized servers. AES-256 and WireGuard are used to encrypt your computer's data.

In addition to being based in Romania, CyberGhost offers added privacy protection. A kill switch, IP leak protection, and DNS leak protection are all included to prevent data exposure. CyberGhost has over 8,900 servers in 91 countries, making it one of the largest server networks in the world. By routing your connection through nearby servers, you are able to decrease latency when torrenting due to this wide server coverage.

In comparison to NordVPN, CyberGhost has fast connections, but suffers when connecting to distant servers. In case you want to captain a whole pirate crew, you get unlimited bandwidth and seven simultaneous connections. Once you get used to its interface, you will find it fairly easy to use. The service is cheap, but if you wish to keep costs down, you shouldn't choose a monthly plan. The Android and iOS devices are eligible for a seven-day trial, but the desktop users are only eligible for one day. With its free trail feature, it makes it one of the best free VPN for torrenting for the users.


・Highest number of server spread globally

・Supports dedicated IP option

・45-day money-back guarantee

・Allow P2P


・No free plan

・Need to pay extra for Antivirus features

・No dedicated torrenting servers

NordVPN - Great for Avoiding Malicious Torrents

Torrenting is very easy with NordVPN. It includes all the features you'd expect from a VPN for sailing pirate-infested waters, plus a few more. NordVPN's P2P servers make torrenting easier than usual thanks to their P2P capabilities. In addition to unreliable regular servers, torrenting servers were also unreliable, causing our internet connection to crash. Although NordVPN's double-hop servers don't provide a huge amount of capacity, they still offer plenty of additional security.

There are over 5,900+ servers in 60 countries, so you can choose what's right for you. In addition, these servers permit peer-to-peer activity, so you'll find a server in your area that's ideal for you. Using the NordLynx tunneling protocol, NordVPN uses next-generation encryption. We found that it maintained 90% of the baseline torrenting speed in our tests. For those who prefer better speed over encryption, a SOCKS5 proxy is available.

With this VPN provider, you can prevent unwanted IP leaks by using a kill switch. Moreover, Threat Protection ensures that no malware is contained in the files you download.


・Speedy 24/7 customer service

・30-day money-back guarantee

・Custom P2P servers

・Best Security


・Installation issue on iOS

・No dedicated torrenting servers

Surfshark - best Budget Friendly VPNs for Torrenting

A budget-friendly and reliable VPN for torrenting, Surfshark VPN combines affordability and performance. Even the fastest computers cannot break AES-256-GCM or Chacha20 encryption ciphers in Surfshark. A 9-Eyes jurisdiction covers the Netherlands, where the provider is located. Using RAM-only hardware for all their servers, they cannot save or retrieve log files. A sophisticated DNS leak protection feature has also been added.

You can download and share large files with SurfsharkVPN since it has unlimited device, bandwidth, and speed limits. Using AES-256 bit encryption, the VPN tunnel encrypts data fully. In order to protect your information, it offers a no-logs service. Multiple VPN services can be used simultaneously with its multihop connection. It can be accessed on almost any device and is available on a number of platforms.

The privacy features included in Surfshark include a kill switch, IP address protection, and DNS and WebRTC leak detection. Camouflage Mode was our personal favorite, which was automatically enabled. Our torrenting activity was hidden by the VPN; our traffic was obfuscated by Camouflage Mode so nobody would know we were using a VPN. Torrenting activities were hidden in several privacy layers with Surfshark like a Russian nesting doll.


・With a money-back guarantee of 30 days, it offers a seven-day free trial

・Server in 100 Countries

・Allow P2P


・Renewal is Expensive.

・No dedicated torrenting servers

What are Torrents?

Torrents are a popular file-sharing method that utilizes a peer-to-peer (P2P) network protocol to distribute large amounts of data efficiently. By breaking down files into smaller chunks, torrents allow users to download pieces from multiple sources at once, rather than relying on a single server. This not only speeds up the downloading process but also ensures the file remains available even if the original uploader goes offline. It's a system that turns every downloader into a contributor, as users share parts of the file they've already downloaded with others.

The versatility of torrents makes them a go-to solution for various downloadable content. Book enthusiasts often turn to book torrents to find digital copies of their favorite reads, while audiobook torrents serve those who prefer listening to their literature. Meanwhile, porn torrents are sought by individuals looking for adult content, despite being a contentious and sensitive topic in many regions. Given the wide range of use cases, including some that may involve sensitive material, employing a VPN while torrenting is crucial for maintaining privacy and avoiding potential legal issues.

Torrenting with a VPN: why do you need one?

In simple terms, torrenting without a VPN is like leaving your house door open. It invites all sorts of unwanted attention and risks. When you're torrenting, if your online actions are revealed, you may become a spacious playground for hackers, who could take advantage of your sensitive information.

Using a sturdy VPN while torrenting is like adding a solid lock to that door. It not only hides your online activities but also transforms your data into a secret code, making it harder for anyone to read or use it. This process is called encryption.

Plus, without a VPN, institutions like your Internet Service Provider and even some government agencies might peek into your online life. If they become aware of your torrenting activities, you could face issues like slower internet speeds. But with a top-tier VPN, you become an online ghost. It keeps your torrenting activities private, helping you enjoy a worry-free and seamless file-sharing journey.

In a nutshell, a VPN while torrenting is like your personal online bodyguard – it keeps you hidden, protects your data, and ensures a safer torrenting experience.

How to torrent safely?

To ensure a safe and secure torrenting experience, keep these key points in mind when choosing a VPN. The following tips will help you:

Pick P2P Support VPN

In order to ensure you're getting the best VPN service for P2P (peer-to-peer) file sharing, you should be sure it offers it. P2P traffic is not allowed on all VPN networks. Make sure the VPN's features or documentation mention P2P support specifically.

Find a Torrent-Friendly Server

Connecting to a torrent-friendly server is the next step once you've selected a VPN that supports P2P. In places where torrenting is legal and tolerated, choosing a server is important.

Enable Kill Switch and DNS Leak Protection

Make sure your VPN software includes kill switch and DNS leak protection features so that your IP address and data stay protected while torrenting. In the event of a VPN disconnect, the kill switch prevents data leakage. VPN servers handle DNS requests instead of your ISP's, which prevents DNS leaks.

Use a Torrent Client with Encryption

Make sure your torrent client supports encryption if you want to further protect your data. Using this method, your data will be protected end-to-end, making it much harder for third parties to intercept it.


If you're seeking the top VPN for torrenting in 2024, prioritizing security is a must. Essential features such as P2P optimization and strict no-logging policies make reliable torrent VPNs stand out. Among them, X-VPN meets all these fundamental needs, making it an effective choice for your torrenting activities.


Q1: Is a VPN good for torrenting?

For torrenting, a VPN is usually recommended. By encrypting your web traffic, it protects your privacy. Spies, websites, or internet service providers cannot monitor your downloads or online activities due to the strong encryption power. Even the best VPN for torrenting cannot completely prevent you from downloading malicious files. Download torrents using legitimate P2P platforms and an antivirus program.

Q2: Can a VPN make torrenting faster?

Yes, in a nutshell! If your ISP detects you trying to share files over P2P networks, they may throttle your connection.

Q3: Are free VPNs OK for torrenting?

Answer: With encryption, you can be assured that your torrents are safe and anonymous, and that your identity won't be divulged to other P2P users. P2P network availability and data caps are frequent limitations of free VPN services.

Q4: Is torrenting safe with a VPN?

Answer: By using a VPN, you can torrent safely and securely. By using a VPN, you can torrent safely and securely. You can remain completely anonymous online thanks to the anonymity factor. Your downloading activity is completely anonymous to hackers, cybercriminals, or your ISP.