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  • Try CoinPayments: buy X-VPN with Bitcoin and other cryptos

Try CoinPayments: buy X-VPN with Bitcoin and other cryptos

Oct 19, 2023   |   2 mins
Try CoinPayments: buy X-VPN with Bitcoin and other cryptos

As a new type of transaction method, Crypto has been used to circulate in many industries. To make users’ payment more easy and convenient, X-VPN also accepts Crypto payment. And Currency Payment also supports the 7-day refund service, so use it worry-free!

How many payment methods does X-VPN accept?

X-VPN supports almost all common payment methods on the market. Users can choose to use common international payment methods such as Paypal and credit cards, as well as various Gift cards to complete the payment. Is it very user-friendly? Not only that, but we also support payment methods such as Advcash and CoinPayments.

What ’s the benefit of buying X-VPN with Crypto?

As one of the most private payment methods, Crypto payment has the advantage of being completely anonymous. Although it is impossible to achieve 100% security, this payment method is currently one of the safest transaction methods. And direct trading with Crypto may also greatly save transaction fees.

How to buy X-VPN with Crypto?

It’s very simple. Just click on CoinPayments, and check whether X-VPN supports your Crypto transactions. If it meets the transaction conditions, please click its icon.
The currencies supported by X-VPN are as follows:

And following, the QR code and wallet address will appear on the transaction page, then you only need to follow the steps below to complete the payment.

Please send the payable amount to the transaction address displayed on the page, please ensure that the amount sent is sufficient to cover all currency transactions fees!

You need to use your software or online wallet to make the payment and copy/paste the address and payment amount into it. We will email you after receiving all payments.

1) If the money you sent do not pass the timeout confirmation or you don not send enough currency, you will receive an automatically sent email asking you to pay the remaining money within eight hours.

2) If you have not received the email, please contact us, CoinPayments.net will give you a refund as soon as possible.

These are all the steps to purchase X-VPN using Crypto. If you have any problems during the purchase, please feel free to contact our 24-hour customer service. We will answer your question at any time!

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