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Does a VPN slow down your internet?

Oct 19, 2023   |   2 mins
Does a VPN slow down your internet?

Everyone wants their VPN speed to be like super running, which is fast and faster. 

Maybe you are curious about why can others watch YouTube 4K quality video but it’s difficulty for you to watch 1080P ? 

From local computer to home broadband, from international bandwidth exports to overseas network operators, there are too many factors affecting the VPN experience, especially the speed of VPN.

Let us briefly understand the working principle of VPN, and maybe more understand the operation of VPN. Learn more about the factors that affect the speed of VPN operation.

How it works when you use VPN ?

Let’s take youtube as an example. When you watch YouTube videos through X-VPN, your network will have such a process:

【Browser opens YouTube → VPN client → Router → Local broadband operator → International export broadband operators→ VPN server → YouTube server → Return to the original loop in turn.】

We can see that when you link to another IP, the VPN will go through various processes before completing the connection, each step increases the risk and difficulty of speeding up the network speed.

Which factor affects the running speed ?

  1. Computer browser is the first reason. When the computer performance is insufficient, decoding 4K video will be very difficult.
  1. There are three factors : network protocol,  country node and port which are affect network speed.
  1. The third reason is router. When using WiFi, a router with good performance and supporting 5G channels is very important. When a mobile phone uses 4G traffic, the signal strength and bandwidth load directly determine the speed of Internet access.
  2. The VPN server’s restrictions on broadband also determine whether you can watch YouTube videos in 4K quality. For different types of VPN, and the broadband provided between the free and paid versions are also very different.

The speed of the network depends on the situation of the connected network. VPN cannot substantially increase the speed of the Internet, but they can speed up access to non-local networks. For example, when you browse the UK website in the United States, then connecting to the UK server may be faster.

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