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  • Everest:X-VPN's self-developed protocol for safe connection

Everest:X-VPN's self-developed protocol for safe connection

Oct 19, 2023   |   4 mins
Everest:X-VPN's self-developed protocol for safe connection

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In today's digital age, network security, and sensitive information protection rely increasingly on VPN technology. In the face of fierce competition and increasing diverse user needs, developing a custom VPN protocol is the best way to stay ahead of competitors.

X-VPN is committed to innovation and improving our service. We have launched Everest, a self-developed protocol that provides better service for our users. For more detailed information about Everest, don’t miss our on visiting our website.

What makes Everest different from other protocols?

Congestion control

What is congestion control? Congestion control is an essential concept in networking. To understand this, imagine a bucket with water flowing from a water pipe into it.

The bucket has a hole at the bottom, allowing water to flow steadily. If the water inflow isn't too high, the spot will efficiently handle the outflow, and the water will pass smoothly. However, if the inflow of water increases, the hole at the bottom won't be able to discharge the water smoothly, and the water will overflow from the mouth of the bucket. This concept is similar to network congestion.

In networking, congestion occurs when the network's output design is too strict, and regardless of the traffic or data that comes in, the outflow speed remains constant.

When congestion happens, delays increase, performance decreases, and even packets are retransmitted. All of these factors significantly affect network usage. It's imperative to use suitable congestion control mechanisms to control the flow of data packets into the network.

Everest provides a better congestion control mechanism that ensures steady inflow and outflow of data packets into the network, thus avoiding network congestion and collapse.

1% - 5% packet loss

The use quality is affected when the standard packet loss rate occurs between 5%-10%.

Everest strictly controls the packet loss rate between 1% and 5%, resulting in better usage quality.

Higher bandwidth

Image resolution, transmission bandwidth, and transmission rate have all been improved. The higher the resolution, the higher the bandwidth requirements. The Everest protocol supports higher bandwidth, which can smoothly handle 4K and HDR images with lag-free in video and audio scenarios.

Internet filtering

The Everest protocol is designed with self-developed technology that undergoes hundreds of test experiments and technical optimizations to unblock global internet filtering. It is the most robust VPN protocol with the highest unblocking ability, stability, security, speed, and all-around comprehensive capabilities.

Less code

Simplicity: As the less code, it is easier to understand and maintain. Simple code is often easier to debug, test, and modify, making it more adaptable to changes and diverse user needs and easier to fix when things go wrong.

Efficient: Less code means faster execution time, leading to shorter response time and improved performance. It is essential when handling a large amount of data in a complex network environment, especially when dealing with real-time data. Our technical team can quickly respond to find the root cause and solve user problems as soon as possible.

Improved readability: Clean and understandable code is more readable, making it easier for third parties to process and review it. Facilitate audits to strengthen the security transparency of our product.

Why choose Everest?

Everest protocol matches uniquely with the fastest server “Everest line”, resulting in better communication, fewer errors, and less time wasted. It improves communication efficiency, reduces errors, and increases the security of the communication channel, preventing unauthorized access to the server via unapproved protocols.

What are the benefits of unique matching?

For example, when a client sends a request to a server, if the client mistakenly sends the request to the wrong server or uses the wrong protocol, the server cannot understand the demand and rejects it or sends an error response.

At the same time, the client can communicate with the correct server using the determined protocol and receive the expected response. It dramatically reduces errors and improves communication efficiency.

What can you do with Everest?

With Everest, you get a secure and encrypted connection between two devices that can hide your online activity and IP address from prying eyes. It encrypts your data, protecting your online privacy, and helps you connect securely to public Wi-Fi networks, avoiding exposing your data to hackers. It also helps bypass internet censorship in countries where certain websites or services are blocked.

Like other standard protocols, Everest supports all devices, including iOS, Windows, Router, Linux, Android, Mac, Amazon Fire TV, and Chrome.

If you encounter any connection problem, technical issue, bug program, or want to give feedback, please mail the support team at support@xvpn.io. Follow our social media to get the latest product information. X-VPN is committed to providing excellent customer service, and we are always open to hearing from you.