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Is the Fallout TV Show Worth Watching? A Comprehensive Review!

Jun 05, 2024   |   13 mins
Is the Fallout TV Show Worth Watching? A Comprehensive Review!

The Fallout TV Show was released in April, and it's better than anyone expected!

With an IMDb rating 8.5, it's another successful game-based TV series since "The Last of Us" last year! However, some are concerned whether "Fallout TV Show" is only for fans of the game.

In this article, we'll take an in-depth look at the Fallout TV Show, discussing whether it's worth watching for both newcomers and longtime fans!

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What Is the Fallout TV Show About?

The Fallout TV Show, adapted from the game of the same name, landed on AmazonPrime Video on April 10th. Just 16 days after its release, it surpassed "The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power" from 2023, becoming the highest-rated series on Amazon.

The Fallout TV Show doesn't retell the stories we've seen, like "The Last of Us," or reinterpret the series like "Resident Evil." Instead, it exists in the same world as the games. Without further ado, let's get started!

Attention: The following contains lots of spoilers! Please be prepared!

Background Setting & Plot Overview

Fallout TV Show, Background Setting & Plot Overview

The story happens in 2077, in a wasteland world that has experienced the devastation of a nuclear war.

But not everyone is dead.

Some people escaped into underground vaults and have lived there since, in small, self-sufficient havens.

Above ground, some people have mastered leftover technology and formed the Brotherhood of Steel.

Others, exposed to nuclear radiation, have turned into "Ghouls" – undead beings with zombie-like appearances. Other creatures on the surface have also mutated, leading to giant cockroaches, mosquitoes, and other "monsters."

Various survivors have formed groups in this desolate land, engaging in brutal struggles and conflicts over scarce resources.

We follow the protagonist's team and see their struggle for survival and their possibilities for rebuilding civilization.

The Main Storyline of the Fallout TV Show

Fallout TV Show, The Main Storyline

Like "The Last of Us," the Amazon Fallout TV show revolves around three very different main characters (typical Nolan style).

The main characters experience various exciting adventures and every choice they make challenges moral boundaries, making us think about human nature.

And through a cold fusion that connects all the forces in this wasteland. In a final reversal, a larger conspiracy is also revealed.

However, even at the end of the season, some mysteries remain unsolved. Clearly setting the stage for the Fallout TV Show Season 2.

3 Main Characters with Different Personalities

The main characters and storylines in the Fallout TV show are largely based on the original game. It effectively captures the core traits of the game characters while giving them richer emotional depth and background stories.

  • Lucy (played by Ella Purnell):

Fallout TV Show, Lucy

Goes the classic protagonist route—a resident who grew up in Vault 33.

To save her father, she must leave the underground vault to discover the truth about the world.

She is simple and kind, not realizing the broken nature of the people and the world above ground. From the beginning to the end, she never doubts her beliefs or makes compromises.

It can be said that Lucy sets a moral compass in the dirty wasteland world.

  • Maximus (played by Aaron Moten):

Fallout TV Show, Maximus

A squire of the Steel Brotherhood.

Even though he's part of a brutal organization, he keeps his conscience.

When he meets Lucy, though they don't trust each other at first, they gradually form a deep friendship. In Lucy, Maximus sees a reflection of his former self and a spark of hope. He decides to help Lucy find her father, even if it means going against his organization.

Aaron Moten's portrayal of Maximus is a complex and multi-dimensional character.

  • The Ghoul / Cooper Howard (played by Walton Goggins):

Fallout TV Show, The Ghoul / Cooper Howard

The punchline of the Amazon Fallout TV show.

When the nuclear bomb drops, the Ghoul witnesses it all. Massive radiation mutates his genes, turning him into a Ghoul.

As a "Ghoul," Cooper gains incredible strength and regeneration abilities, but at the cost of losing his human dignity. He roams the wasteland as a bounty hunter, fighting to survive.

However, everything changes when he meets Lucy and Maximus. Throughout the series, his life before and after the war is gradually revealed, showing how a charming Hollywood star and family man became a monster—and possibly found redemption.

Along the way, viewers might discover new truths about Vault-Tec and the entire "Fallout" world.

Each of the three main characters has their own past and secrets, but they decide to trust each other and move forward together. This kind of friendship, crossing races, classes, and identities, is especially precious in the wasteland of the post-apocalyptic world.

How to Watch the Fallout TV Show from Anywhere?

With IGN 9, IMDb 8.5, Metacritic 73, Rotten Tomatoes Fresh 93%, and Popcorn Index 89%—you don't need to worry about the Fallout TV Show's quality.

I bet you're excited to watch this sci-fi extravaganza! But wait! Do you know how to watch the Amazon Fallout TV Show in your country? We'll show you now!

If You Can Watch Amazon Prime Video Where You Are

The Fallout TV Show is only available for streaming on Amazon's Prime Video service. It won't be on TV or other streaming platforms as it's an original Prime Video production. Amazon released all episodes at once, so you can binge-watch the entire season 1!

How to Watch the Fallout TV Show, Amazon Prime Video

According to Amazon, the Fallout TV Show can be watched in over 240 countries and regions worldwide, so there's a good chance you can watch it.

If you can access Amazon Prime Video where you are, congratulations! You can watch Fallout TV Show by subscribing to Amazon Prime Video.

Currently, Amazon Prime Video membership fee is $14.99 per month, $7.49 per month for students, and it offers a 30-day free trial.

💡Tip: Visit Amazon Prime Video to check the subscription prices and terms for your country/region.

If You Can’t Watch Amazon Prime Video Where You Are

If Prime Video isn't available in your country/region but you still want to watch "Fallout," you might face some problems. But don't worry, there's an easy and effective solution: use a VPN to switch your IP address to one from a region where Prime Video is accessible.

Our favorite is X-VPN because it's totally free, provides fast connections, and can securely bypass Amazon Prime Video's detection. Here are the easy steps:

Step 1: Download free VPN without registration.

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Step 2: Try the 30-day premium VPN trial.

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X-VPN has a dedicated Amazon Prime Video streaming route, and it performs exceptionally well without buffering or throttling.

Not only for Amazon Prime Video, it reliably unlocks major streaming platforms such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, HBO Max, Disney+, and more. This ensures you can watch whatever you want. X-VPN also supports streaming on less well-known platforms in countries like Italy and South Korea.

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Step 3: Connect to the dedicated Amazon Prime Video streaming route, go to Prime Video, and start watching!

💡Note: Using a VPN to watch Prime Video might break its rules, so consider the legal and ethical side carefully.

Is the Fallout TV Show Worth Watching?

Many people wonder if the Fallout TV Show on Amazon is worth watching, especially if they know nothing about the game.

Quick answer: Whether you're a "Fallout" fan or not, the Amazon Fallout TV Show is definitely worth watching! I highly recommend it!

The Fallout TV Show exceeded my expectations. It's one of the best video game adaptations ever.

Is the Fallout TV Show Worth Watching

If you're a loyal fan of the game, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the Fallout TV Show. It captures the game's essence well, blending gore with quirky humor. In many ways, the Fallout TV Show is even better than the game.

If you don't know the game, you'll love this clever, humorous, and perfectly crafted series set in the Fallout world. Humor, storytelling, emotions, music - everything is there!

And if you're into post-apocalyptic stories and enjoy exploring thrilling adventures and the struggle of human nature, you'll be drawn in by the intricate political and societal dynamics in the the Fallout TV Show Season 1 .

Note: There's adult content and a lot of violence. For example, you'll see some heads exploding.

However, the Amazon Fallout TV Show is goofy when it's bloody, glinting when it's conspiratorial, and always looking for another way to surprise you.

Honestly, it's rare that storytelling can both properly introduce newcomers to the game and satisfy fans. What's even more remarkable is that even if the Fallout game didn't exist, the TV series would still be great.

Clearly, I really think the Fallout TV Show is worth watching, and I highly recommend it. Now, let's talk about why the Fallout TV Show is worth your time.

8 Reasons Why the Fallout TV Show Excels!

The Fallout TV Show excels in 2 ways: It pleases game fans by exploring the world and legends of "Fallout." It also creates a standalone story that's perfect for new fans of the show.

1. Worldview Building: Exceptional Production Quality!

Fallout TV Show, Worldview Building

The production team has meticulously shown the post-apocalyptic wasteland, staying true to the original game while delving even deeper.

Whether it's the shattered city ruins, the desolate desert wilderness, the mutated creatures, or the survivors' living conditions, the production quality is really top-notch.

2. Visual Effects: Retro-Futuristic Aesthetic

Fallout TV Show, Visual Effects

When it comes to visual effects, the Amazon Fallout TV Show is definitely top-notch.

The series remains faithful to the game's retro-futuristic look, depicting a world with advanced technology but a 1950s culture.

Every scene in the wasteland world really draws you in.

3. Costumes and Props: 99% Authentic Reproduction

Fallout TV Show, Costumes and Props

The Fallout TV Show works hard to recreate the game's settings with costumes and props, aiming to make fans feel at home.

Everything is familiar, from junk decors like magazine racks and plastic jack-o-lantern buckets to power armor, enemies, factions, food, chems, characters, and weapons.

4. Narrative Style: Nolan's Signature Multilinear Storytelling

Fallout TV Show, Narrative Style

The storylines of Lucy, Maximus, and the Ghoul intersect with each other.

Even though the Fallout TV Show doesn't have many characters, each one has a distinct personality and lives in the wasteland world in their own unique way.

5. Upgraded Characters and Storylines

Fallout TV Show, Upgraded Characters and Storylines

The main characters and storylines in the Fallout TV Show are largely based on the original game.

It keeps the core traits of the game's characters while giving them deeper emotions and backgrounds. This lets existing fans find new surprises in familiar characters and helps new viewers understand the characters and stories easily.

6. The Theme: Going Deeper

alt = Fallout TV Show, The Theme

The Fallout TV Show remains highly consistent with the game's themes of nuclear war, survival, and moral choices.

It keeps the game's dark humor and satire while delving deeper into these themes with new stories and character development.

7. Interactivity and Audience Engagement

The Fallout TV Show gets viewers more involved by adding interactive elements, like letting them make choices at certain points. This honors the original game and gives TV audiences an interesting way to watch.

8. Music and Sound Design: Immersive Experience

The Fallout TV Show also strives to recreate the game's atmosphere with its music and sound design. It uses similar musical styles and sound effects and adds new elements when needed to match the show's story.

Overall, the Amazon Fallout TV Show stays true to the game while creating a fresh viewing experience for the audience.

The Fallout TV Show Fills the Fallout Game Void Perfectly

The Fallout TV Show has many similarities to the game Fallout, and it fills in the gaps in the game:

1. The Fallout TV show aims to reveal the origins of the wasteland world.

In the Fallout games, the world before the nuclear blasts is rarely discussed, only hinted at subtly in the game or supplemental materials.

However, the Fallout TV show is different.

It explains the outbreak of war through the pre-apocalyptic lives of the characters, using the story of the ghoul.

Fallout TV Show, vault 4

2. It's the vault in the Fallout TV show.

In the Fallout TV show, there are vaults called 33, 32, 31, and 4, which are vaults not mentioned in the game.

Moreover, Shelter 33 isn't just a beginner's area as in the game; it seems to hold a dark and sinister secret.

In contrast, in the game, once players leave the initial vault, it's no longer the main focus of the story.

The Amazon Fallout TV show expands on the game's ideas, making it an adaptation worth watching for both fans and those unfamiliar with the game. But obviously, if you've played "Fallout," you might have more insider knowledge.

What the Fallout TV Show Lacks?

Turning games into TV shows is challenging because, in games, players can freely explore and control their characters, focusing on interactivity and immersion. Players can spend hundreds or thousands of hours in the game, while the Fallout TV Show only has 8 one-hour episodes to work with.

In this regard, I think the show lacks in weaving the characters' emotions and some parts of the plot feel sudden.

For example, how did the romance between Lucy and Maximus develop? And why does Cooper, the seemingly cold-blooded ghoul, show a soft spot for Lucy?

What the Fallout TV Show Lacks, Lucy and Maximus

While the reasons behind these aren't entirely illogical, Nolan's style of playwriting makes the development of these character relationships feel too rigid.

While binge-watching, viewers can experience the chaos and brutality of the wasteland world and witness human nature in the face of war and self-interest. However, they might not feel the subtle emotional changes in the main characters.

Maybe that's one of the reasons why the Fallout TV Show is popular but also receives criticism!

What is the Fallout TV Show Trying to Tell Us?

"Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition."

The Fallout TV Show isn't just about surviving in a post-apocalyptic world; it also delves deep into human nature.

It reminds us to cherish our limited resources and peaceful lives.

At the same time, the Fallout TV Show is not like a kindergarten teacher preaching, "Let's all get along and not fight." Instead, it provocatively throws the question at all of us: "This is war. What would you do in this situation?"

Because of the complexity of human nature in tough situations, the Fallout TV Show makes us think about how to maintain our beliefs and moral boundaries in such an environment.


The Fallout TV Show isn't just mimicking the game's battles or mechanics, but it aims for the tone. It not only hits the bullseye but also opens the door for more game adaptations in the future. In short, the Fallout TV Show is worth watching over and over again! Looking forward to the Fallout TV Show Season 2!

Securely start your in-depth exploration of human society with X-VPN! Wishing for world peace!


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1. Where can I watch Fallout Season 1?

The Fallout TV show Season 1 is exclusively available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video, and all 8 episodes are currently available.

2. Will there be a Fallout Season 2?

Due to the popularity of the Fallout TV show Season 1 on Prime Video, Season 2 has been confirmed. But filming hasn't started yet, so let's wait patiently.

3. How many episodes are in the Fallout TV show?

The Fallout TV Show Season 1 has 8 episodes, each about an hour long.