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Access League of Legends celebration event anywhere

Dec 10, 2020   |   1 mins to read
LOL fans located in North America, South America and India can access this celebration event via a VPN.

December is exciting for League of Legends:Wild Rift’s players in many regions:  Vietnam, Oceania, Taiwan, Europe, Turkey, CIS, Middle East, and North Africa.

In order to celebrate the launch of the Open Beta, the official Facebook recently issued a notice that is worth looking forward to, it would release a live experience on YouTube which is called “the t” on Dec.5. Some fans speculated that it will be a video or a live broadcast, and may be some limited peripheral sales, players should pay attention anyway, now the the answer is revealed,they are rallying the players around the world for the biggest Baron battle in a YouTube Livestream on December 10 at 0200 PT.

Players who enter the game on Dec.10. are full of expectations, but players in some areas still have to wait, like North America, South America, and India. What’s more, the dev diary will drop before this launch, so if you want to enjoy the game in advance, X-VPN can Help you a lot.

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