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  • Guide to the upcoming finals in Beijing 2022 Olympics

Guide to the upcoming finals in Beijing 2022 Olympics

Oct 19, 2023   |   2 mins
Guide to the upcoming finals in Beijing 2022 Olympics

Beijing 2022 Olympics officially opened on 4 February with preliminary events beginning on 2 February and is happening now.

After the opening ceremony in 2008 left a deep impression on the audience with oriental culture, the Beijing 2022 opening ceremony once again shocked sports fans around the world.

Beijing 2022 Olympics holds from 4 February to 20 February, bringing 93 medals to 7 major items, 15 sub-items, 109 minor items in total.

For the Winter Olympics, the ice and snow events have greater demands and challenges on the terrain. The Beijing Olympics are actually divided into three areas, including Beijing zone, Yanqing zone, and Zhangjiakou zone.

New competitions to watch: men’s and women’s big air freestyle, women’s mono bob, mixed team competitions in freestyle skiing aerials, ski jumping, and snowboard cross, and the mixed relay in short track speed skating. The addition of the new event aims to strengthen the participation of women.

In the just-ended big air final last week, the competition between athlete Tess and athlete Gu Eileen did not compete until the third round. Gu landed with an unbelievable double cork 1620, which she had never done before, and defeated competitors with the sum of the total scores.

As the audience, you need to enjoy "big air" and more content.

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