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How to boost PayPal security with a VPN?

Oct 19, 2023   |   3 mins
How to boost PayPal security with a VPN?

PayPal is one of the safer and easier ways to make online purchases and financial transfers to anyone in the world. It makes small payments fast and convenient and builds an invisible but easy-to-use payment bridge between merchants and ordinary consumers.

As a great way to handle many forms of transactions online, while PayPal's servers are secure, there is a risk that your login credentials will be compromised when your information is transmitted over an open-access Wi-Fi hotspot. This does little to protect your information.

In addition, PayPal is actually very good at storing your personal information from some dimensions, which is far from enough for the security of the account, but instead of waiting to be hacked, we can implement different services to increase the security of your PayPal account to minimize or even prevent the possibility of being hacked in some cases. The approach described in this article is VPN.

Why VPN is considered to be the greatest protection for PayPal on the public network?

The administrators of public Wi-Fi can see the destination of all your requests. In this case, if you perform actions including payment, input password, mobile phone number, address and other sensitive information on the website, they have the opportunity to steal your information from their own fake website that you cannot easily recognized, logging all of the above during your normal operations.

On top of that, public network passwords are flimsy and easy to crack. After being cracked, the user may be introduced to a fake Wi-Fi interface to cause dangers similar to the above.

X-VPN protects the security of the entire browsing process by encrypting from the user's device to the router, making it impossible for the Wi-Fi administrator to obtain the final destination and access content requested by the user.

What characteristics does a VPN need to have to make it a useful helper?

  1. Fast connection. PayPal payment or payment will not be stuck and affect the operation, this is the most basic function
  2. High-security level. It's integral to be encrypted. Bank-grade multi-layered encryption technology keeps the transmitted data from being exposed to the observation of any hacking activity.
  3. Wide range of servers. The huge server system supports users to access content in different regions from all over the world, and complete the most convenient and reliable payment through PayPal or other payment methods.
  4. Additional tech support, here we are worth mentioning is the Kill Switch. When the VPN disconnects unexpectedly, the kill switch automatically disconnects your computer, phone, or devices from the internet to ensure that private information will not be leaked at this time, enhancing high security from beginning to end.

X-VPN has the above features and renders more assistance on security. Click here for more.

With PayPal you may also want to pay attention to these:

  • Do not click on links to PayPal in emails or texts

Most of these are phishing emails. For the content of phishing emails, please read our previous articles.

  • Use random passwords

Never use the same password on PayPal as on other devices. Also, don't log your passwords on public computers.

  • Regular monitoring of all transactions

Track your transaction details on PayPal and call PayPal immediately if you see a transaction you don't recognize.

  • Buy only from verified sellers

Do business only with verified sellers and parties that you personally know and trust. For example, transactions through social media DM contacts require extra inspection and evaluation of the credibility of the seller.

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