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How to protect your IP address?

Oct 19, 2023   |   3 mins
How to protect your IP address?

Anything connected to the public internet has an IP address. It shows up as a unique string of numbers assigned to you by your ISP, and will change as you change your location or connect to another Wi-Fi. Therefore, an IP address contains a lot of information including when and where you log in a website. So it is extremely important to know why and how to protect your IP address.

Why should you protect your IP address?

Every time you are connected to the public internet, your IP address may be exposed at every click. Although others cannot track your phone number or other sensitive information, there are still things they can do with your IP address.

• Track your online activity

Tracing your IP address is totally legal, but sometimes it is so annoying because you will lose much privacy. Imagine that you connect to the network at school or workplace, your teacher or employer can potentially see what you are doing online, leaving no privacy with you.

• Get your personal information

Your IP address shows your location and your access log. If someone is ill-intentioned to get your IP address, he might find more personal information of you. And if hackers get hold of your personal details, they may do things against you.

• Hack your device

When you connect to the internet, you use IP address as well as thousands of ports, which can be used to brute-force a connection and take over your phone. Then they may not only steal your information, they can also install malware on your phone to attack you.

How can you protect your IP address?

Although IP address can be easily tracked and made of use, there are stills ways to protect your IP address.

• Change privacy settings

When you are installing an app, the company will require a series of permissions, which may include some private permissions. So it is essential to read all the policy and turn off unnecessary permissions.

• Update your firewall

Choosing a good firewall and updating it in time can be important to protecting your IP address from being accessed. A criminal can gasp every chance to hack your router remotely and retrieve your IP address, so be sure to update your firewall in case the criminals find bug in it and access your IP address easily.

• Connect to a VPN

A VPN can hide your IP address by encrypting your data and route it through its own VPN server, so that it will look as if you were at the location of the VPN server, and people will be disappointed when trying to get your device and location via the IP address. X-VPN provides you with 8000+ servers around the world as well as bank-grade multi-layered encryption technology, and helps you with your online anonymity and privacy.

See how X-VPN works

It may be extremely dangerous if someone knows your IP address, but it is also easy to hide and protect it. Protect your IP address, protect your personal information, thus protect yourself.

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