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  • How to watch BBC iPlayer abroad

How to watch BBC iPlayer abroad?

Jan 22, 2021   |   1 mins to read
X-VPN provides exclusive BBC iPlayer servers to access streaming outside the UK.
How to watch BBC iPlayer abroad

Have you ever watched Normal People? its popularity in 2020 makes it the most-streamed  series of BBC iPlayer, the moving love story between Marianne and Connell once attracted more than 6 billion viewers' requests. In addition to TV series, BBC iPlayer is also a paradise for many Documentary or News lovers.

However, BBC iPlayer can only accessible in the UK, if you want to access it somewhere else, you can only change your IP address, and X-VPN will help you a lot for a specific server : GB-Video-B.

In BBC iPlayer, there are lots of wonderful streamings you can choose recently:

Crime Drama

01. Pretty Little Liars: The perfectionists.

02. Death in Paradise

03. Traces


01. The Trump Show : Downfall

02. Death in Bollywood

03. A perfect Planet


01. RuPaul’s Drag Race UK

02. Top Gear

03. The Graham Norton Show

What’s more, Some classic dramas such as Killing Eve must not be missed, and X-VPN can provide you specific servers of BBC iPlayer, it will help you enjoy a lot, you can click here to download it:

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