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Is a cracked VPN safe?

Oct 19, 2023   |   4 mins
Is a cracked VPN safe?

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There are many benefits to using a VPN service.

These include anonymizing your online activity, enhancing security, and unlocking content. But, of course, good VPNs cost money, and free ones tend to be less effective. Some people get around this by downloading cracked VPNs. However, this can be illegal and dangerous.

Many VPN users wonder if they should use a cracked VPN: Will a cracked VPN protect you? Is it safe to use?

What is a cracked VPN?

Crack VPNs are pirated versions of premium VPN software that you can download from the internet. It comes with a seemingly legitimate activation code, but is actually fake and illegal. No well-known company offers free activation codes for their premium software.

You may see websites or individuals on forums and social media that offer links to download premium VPN software for free. But these offers and guarantees are just a scam. Even if you can get a cracked VPN for free, you'll pay in other ways, sacrificing your security.

There are also unscrupulous online providers selling premium VPN subscriptions at low prices. These may look appealing, but in reality they're just VPN accounts stolen from power users with weak passwords. This means that people who sell such VPN subscriptions can view your information. So, don't be fooled, always buy a subscription directly from the provider.

Do cracked VPNs work?

Yes, in a nutshell. A cracked VPN technically works, but there are a lot of risks involved. It can be harmful to your device and your privacy as described below. Also, you should keep in mind that a cracked VPN is pirated software that is used illegally. If your use of such software is detected, you may be in trouble with the VPN company and the law.

So while your cracked VPN might help you browse anonymously or access geo-restricted content, the security risks involved are never worth it. In fact, in many cases, using a cracked VPN is worse than not using a VPN at all.

Potential dangers with a cracked VPN?

Using a cracked VPN can be very insecure. These pirated cracked files can cause serious damage to your device and your online privacy. Even if they appear to be working fine, you could be exposing yourself and your device to unmanageable risks. Here are some of the dangers involved:


When you download a pirated copy of a VPN, it's usually from a random unknown webpage, a link someone gave you, or an anonymous mirror or server. All of these make it easy for you to download dangerous viruses and malware in disguise.

These can infect your device and be difficult to get rid of. Even the best antivirus software may fail to detect all types of viruses and threats.

What's more, you may be downloading ransomware onto your system unknowingly. Ransomware will lock all your files and demand a fee to get them normally.

You can also read more about ransomware and malware.


Adware can be just as annoying, even if it's generally less dangerous. Such programs may flood your computer or mobile device with advertisements. You'll see annoying pop-ups everywhere, and there's no easy way to get rid of them. If you accidentally click on an ad, this can lead you to malicious websites or direct charge your money without your permission.

No updated versions

VPNs constantly release new updates to their software to prevent new bugs, threats, and vulnerabilities. Cracking the software would not have this advantage, which could cause it to malfunction and compromise your security. Even if your pirated software does receive the latest update, it may stop working because it is not genuine software. This makes it pointless to try a pirated VPN.

Privacy Risk

Hackers are challenging your online privacy when you download and use a cracked VPN. This completely defeats the purpose of using the software in the first place. Even if the VPN works fine, it may connect to an unknown server set up by hackers or people who pirate software. This means that all your online activity and data may be available to third parties.

What’s your choice?

Using a relatively cheap but secure VPN is a worthwhile strategy. X-VPN supports unlimited data access from five devices simultaneously, with no data caps or speed controls. It can provide a secure and anonymous access environment on mobile devices, computers, routers and other devices at the same time.

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