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  • Is private browser really private with incognito mode?

Is private browser really private with incognito mode?

Oct 19, 2023   |   3 mins
Is private browser really private with incognito mode?

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What is a private browser?

As the convenience of the Internet penetrates all aspects of people's lives, many web browsers have added private browsing to use, aiming to protect user privacy. Some of the more familiar ones include Chrome Incognito Mode, Opera, Safari, and Firefox's private browsers.

Do you also think you will be completely "privacy protected" after surfing in the private browser? Your personal information will not be exposed, and you will not be disturbed by malware, advertisements, etc. However, the truth may not be what you think. Private browsing is designed to avoid leaving traces of browsing sessions on your computer and does not necessarily protect your data.

When you browse the web with a private browser

  • Searching for information online
  • Booking travel tickets
  • Buying holiday gifts
  • Streaming for new series

Your browsing history saved passwords, and what you type in the text (username, phone number, address, etc.) will all be cleared. So the following person using your device won't be able to find out which websites you've visited. You will appear as a new user if you see the same site yourself again.

Let's take Google incognito mode as an example. When press [Ctrl+Shift+N] enter the browser. You will see a new window pop up with a dark theme and display a notification: "You've gone incognito mode."

Chrome incognito mode helps you delete your local search and browsing history. It just looks "incognito." As we mentioned before, incognito mode doesn't make you truly invisible, and some of your actions will still be revealed, for example of the website you visit and your real IP address.

What a private browser can't do?

Websites can still discover your identity by associating with other information, and private browsing does not hide any data.

  • It does not protect you from viruses or malware
  • The ISP will still know your location
  • Your real IP address will not be protected
  • Your bookmarks will save on the device
  • Your download files will save on the device

X-VPN provides a private browser that supports Android devices

1. Download and install X-VPN Android

2. Access Private Browser via X-VPN

Advantages of X-VPN private browser

Private browsing mode will automatically clear online information such as passwords, cookies, browsing history, etc. generated when you browse. And a VPN replaces your IP address with a different one shared by many users, so your ISP can’t track your activity.

Browse faster

A built-in privacy browser will take up less memory and allow faster access to web pages while surfing the Web. Online games also have less latency and faster response times.

Avoid being tracked online

Your online activities on the Internet are protected by full encryption. Include your browsing history and all the sites you have visited.

Stop hackers from stealing your data

Hide everything you type online and keep sensitive content safe.

Malware and phishing protection

Protect your device with powerful anti-phishing technology.

Force websites to use encryption

Make sure that supported websites use encryption technology to protect your data.

Blocking third parties

Prevent third-party tracking and protect your online privacy.