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Is Temu Legit? What to Know Before You Shop

Apr 11, 2024   |   9 mins
Is Temu Legit? What to Know Before You Shop

You may have been attracted during the Super Bowl Finals by the massive amount of placed Temu ads. This shopping platform from China is taking the world by storm with a new wave of popularity. Your friends probably tell you all the time how cheap things are on this app, and social media is stuffed with discount posts about it.

But because the prices of various items are so low, many users hesitate before placing an order - is Temu legal? Is it safe to use it? Will the quality of the clothes you can buy for $2 be good?

If you're also feeling skeptical before paying for your cart, this blog will answer everything you need to know.

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What Is Temu?

Temu is an e-commerce platform owned by the Chinese company PDD Holdings, which officially entered the U.S. market in September 2022. Working in the same way as platforms like Amazon, Temu acts like a mega-shopping center. Users can easily find almost any kind of product on the platform, including clothing, kitchenware, electronics, furniture, tools, etc.

This young company's core slogan is "Team Up, Price Down", meaning the more people buy, the cheaper the price. This is where Temu's core competency lies - their products are extremely cheap. There are clothes for $2, shoes for $10, and even smartwatches for $20. Temu is betting that many consumers will like to buy the product at the lowest possible price. The growing number of positive feedback from users proves that Temu made the right move.


With its success in the U.S., Temu has set its sights on overseas markets. Currently, it has successfully established overseas storehouses in 50 countries and regions, aiming to provide faster and better shopping services for consumers around the world.

Is Temu Legit?

Yes, Temu is a legitimate e-commerce platform. It's true that Temu is not currently accredited by the Better Business Bureau(BBB) - which means that a business is able to establish and maintain business trust - but it is still an online shopping site that complies with various legal requirements and remains operational.

Temu utilizes a sales model that works with third-party suppliers. When a user places an order, the third-party supplier prepares the goods and hands them over to Temu's logistics partner to ship the order. Therefore, in addition to ensuring its own legitimacy, Temu has also established a code of conduct for third-party sellers to guarantee that the entire order delivery process adheres to the laws and standards of each regional online marketplace.

However, although Temu offers many authentic products, there are instances where imitations, especially in electronics, are sold. These replicas often resemble well-known brand items but may have lower quality. To ensure authenticity, look for a blue tick mark logo indicating verified brands on Temu.

blue tick mark logo on temu

Is Temu Safe?

We cannot tell you definitively whether Temu is safe to buy from. Although Temu has not shown any security risks till now, many users still feel unsettled while using it.

On one hand, Temu's sister company, Pinduoduo, was taken down from Google Play because of malware found by Google in its app. Meanwhile, some experts have expressed skepticism about whether Pinduoduo collects user data. In the face of these allegations, Pinduoduo disbanded its original development team, most of whom joined Temu directly.

Another reason came from a report by Grizzly Research. The report suggested that Temu's app could be collecting more user data than it actually needed.

Because of the negative press, Temu has been questioned by users about its security. In order to get over these insecurities, users need to understand Temu's privacy policy fully. Keep reading.

Does Temu Steal Your Information?

In fact, Temu does not steal users’ information. Before users use Temu, it will send them an authorization request to access their information, and users have the right to refuse it. Its official representative said that Temu collects users' info for the sole purpose of facilitating offering services and improving the user experience. Temu needs the data to identify the user, process, and deliver the products.

This also means that access to user data is a prerequisite for the successful operation of the program and the completion of purchases.

What Data Does Temu Collect?

The type of data Temu collects is similar to that of shopping platforms such as Amazon and broadly includes the following categories:

・Account and Profile: To create a Temu account, you are required to give a cell phone number, email address, or account from a third-party provider.

・Purchase Information: To complete a transaction, Temu requires order data, payment info, shipping address, and recipient info.

・Generated Content: User-generated content, including multimedia files, posted comments, received messages, and related metadata.

・Activity Information: Temu collects information that users actively share when participating in activities, such as contact info provided by users when participating in a sweepstakes.

・History: When a user communicates with Temu's customer service team, Temu collects the history of the chat.

・Information from Third Parties: Temu collects user data from event sponsors, social media, logistics companies, and more.

・Interaction information: Temu automatically logs the user's device data, IP address, and service usage info.

🔥Comparison with other online shopping platforms:

Collect DataTemuAmazoneBayShein
Account and Profile✔︎✔︎✔︎✔︎
Purchase Information✔︎✔︎✔︎✔︎
Generated Content✔︎✔︎✔︎✔︎
Activity Information✔︎✔︎✔︎✔︎
Information from Third Parties✔︎✔︎✔︎✔︎
Interaction information✔︎✔︎✔︎✔︎

All info comes from the Privacy Policy of Temu, Amazon, eBay and Shein

Temu's privacy policy asserts that collected data primarily supports app functionality and user privacy is valued. User info is not sold but may be shared with third parties to improve services, provide personalized recommendations, protect user rights, and adhere to legal standards. These third parties include Temu affiliates, providers of operational services, payment processors, advertising and marketing companies, professional advisors, U.S. regulatory agencies, etc.

In summary, Temu collects user data to enhance the shopping experience and shares it with third parties within legal bounds. Moreover, throughout the information collection process, Temu supports user control and choice to ensure that the platform itself does not negatively impact user security.

What Safety Protections Does Temu Take?

Temu is not a scam, but people will meet kinds of scams while using it. So to safeguard users from external threats, Temu implements a variety of security measures.

Encrypted Information

Temu uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt users' personal and payment info to ensure there is no risk of data leakage. Temu also conducts regular security audits and updates of its technology to stay ahead of current threats.

Compliant Payments

All Temu payments are PCI-certified and support a wide range of payment methods including Visa, PayPal, and Google Play. These payment providers all protect user data with state-of-the-art technology and offer strict consumer protection policies.

💡Note: If you also wondered if is Venmo safe to use, check this blog.

Purchase Protection

In addition to its high standards for merchandise suppliers, Temu also offers its users purchase protection: if one of the following three situations occurs with a user's order, then the user can enjoy Temu's comprehensive refund and return policy within 90 days of purchase.

・The order can't match the item pics or description.

・The order arrived damaged.

・The order was lost, arrived late, or cannot be delivered in transit.

temu purchase protection

Safety Tips

Temu offers a professional customer support team to support users in reporting any security and privacy issues. They also provide users with tips for safe shopping, including creating strong passwords, avoiding phishing scams, monitoring accounts, and more. Users can go directly to the Temu Support Center to check them out.

temu support center

How to Safely Shop on Temu?

Of course, the protection provided by Temu alone still cannot guarantee you absolute security, you need to take the following steps:

1. Create Strong Password: Create complex passwords for Temu and remember to change them regularly. A free Password Generator will take a lot of the hassle out of it.

2. Choose Reputable Payment: Instead of providing Temu with info about your bank account, simply use a trusted method such as PayPal to pay for your order online.

3. Stay Safe Online: When using the platform online, try not to connect to public Wi-Fi, or just use powerful tools such as X-VPN to change your IP address and make it impossible for hackers or criminals to trace your surfing through phishing or other means.

💡Note: A VPN is definitely a good helper to keep your online privacy and security, read this blog on VPN Test to get more info.

4. Check Reviews: Examine user reviews to assess product quality before ordering, and be cautious with items that have few or questionable reviews

5. Follow News Updates: Temu is still a young platform, so while you are enjoying the perks of its low prices, don't forget to follow the company's news to make sure your shopping process is safe.

Why Is Temu So Cheap?

The core reason Temu is so cheap is this - it provides a way for suppliers to sell their products directly to consumers.

From its inception, Temu has chosen a unique business model. The platform supports suppliers, especially those in China, to ship directly from their factories to customers worldwide, with no middlemen involved in the process. In a traditional business model, middlemen would charge a certain profit, which is disguised as a consumption cost for users. Temu eliminates the need to pay additional fees to the middleman, allowing users to buy their desired goods cheaply.

Temu's business model has very low-profit margins, but the reason it was able to create such a business miracle in less than two years is because of the low price and costly marketing strategies to attract too many customers. This has led to the fact that although Temu's profit per order is low, it sells enough to make the platform a fortune.

Are Temu Products Good Quality?

Honestly, it depends on whether users expect too much from Temu. You can never expect a smartwatch comparable to an Apple watch for 10 bucks. However, many users on social media have stated that the quality of the product they received paired with its low price has satisfied them. To summarize, the quality of Temu's products is definitely passable for its price.

We recommend that you use Temu to buy consumables, small furniture, accessories, toys, and casual clothing, among other gadgets, as there are very few quality issues encountered after purchasing these products, and the user experience is very good.

an mp3 review on temu

An MP3 Review from Temu

However, you should avoid buying electronics or bulky items on the platform. As mentioned above, many name-brand suppliers do not have contracts with Temu, so there is a high chance that users will buy knock-offs or low-quality products.

Temu VS Shein

Shein has actually been one of the more preferred online shopping platforms for young people. However, with the emergence of Temu, its rich product range and low prices have attracted more attention from consumers.

So which one should you choose between Temu and Shein? We have briefly distinguished the differences between them for you to make your decision easier.


・Business Model

Temu relies entirely on third-party suppliers for its sales; it doesn't have its own factories and doesn't sell the goods it produces, but only handles the logistics and transportation.

Shein, on the other hand, has a two-pronged approach, taking care of delivery and selling products (mostly clothing and accessories) to customers alongside third-party suppliers.

・Product Categories

Founded in 2008, Shein sells clothing, electronics, furniture, etc., but its focus is more on fashion and building its fast-fashion brand.

Temu, meanwhile, is more like a large retail marketplace, offering a wider range of products.

・Product Pricing

Both Shein and Temu are known for their low prices. However, Shein's prices are more dominant on apparel and accessories, while other types of products in Temu may be less affordable.

・Payment Security

Both platforms support a variety of payment options, including credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and more.

🔥You can get more information from the table below:

Sales PatternOnlineOnline
Product RangeWide General RangeMainly Fashion
UI DesignUser-friendlyNormal
Product QualityUp to standardUp to standard
Shipping Times6-20 Days7-14 Days
Return and RefundWithin 90 DaysWithin 35 Days
Customer Service24/76 AM - 9 PM (PST)


Temu is a legitimate website and claims it is safe enough to buy from, but there is an ongoing controversy about it. This blog post reviews Temu in as much detail as possible for you and hopes that you'll take precautions before deciding to use Temu in order to prevent any security risks.


Is Temu ethical?

The answer to this question is currently inconclusive. Some have asserted that Temu engages in forced labor practices and disregards workers' rights. However, Temu's Third-party Code of Conduct emphasizes that it will not tolerate suppliers who manufacture products using forced labor and requires all suppliers they work with to comply with local labor laws and uphold workers' rights. Currently, the investigation into whether Temu is ethical is continuing.

Where is Temu located?

Temu is a Delaware-incorporated online marketplace with its headquarters located in Boston's Back Bay neighborhood.

Where is Temu shipped from?

Most of the products sold in Temu are shipped by Chinese suppliers from China to overseas consumers through the logistics services provided by Temu.

How long does Temu take to ship?

Temu offers free standard shipping, which takes 6-20 days, and express shipping for orders over $129 or for an additional $12.90 shipping fee, which takes 4-9 days.

Why is Temu bad?

Because Temu is currently embroiled in a lot of controversy. Although it attracted a large number of consumers after landing in overseas markets with its superb price, it was once accused of lacking security, having data risks, and poor quality. If you are hesitant to use Temu, you can read our article in full to have a clearer judgment on Temu.