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How will TikTok go in India?

Feb 24, 2022   |   2 mins to read
More Chinese apps have been banned by the Indian government. Will TikTok be the next one?

The Indian government further announced a ban on 54 apps that pose a threat to national security. Apps that will be banned include Garena, Free Fire, Tencent’s Xriver, and NetEase’s Onmyoji Arena. The Indian government has banned a large amount of software that it claims is that it accesses users’ sensitive information in large quantities and spreads it to foreign servers, including but not limited to geographic location, facial information obtained by cameras, and other private content. The Indian government says the software is not conducive to national sovereignty and governance.See the full list of all banned software here.Image credits: TUC. https://www.tucmag.net/tuc-talk/tiktok-is-it-robbing-our-kids-of-innocence/It is worth discussing that this is not the first time the Indian government has implemented a tough policy. Starting in 2020, the game PUBG developed by Tencent was banned by the Indian government in September 2020. Although PUBG is sweeping again in India in another form, it is undeniable that such measures will continue for some time to come, bringing a huge impact on Indian Internet users, social media practitioners, and many industries.

So how will TikTok go in India in the future, especially how this scenario guides audiences and users?In terms of data protection, compared to tech giants, TikTok is actually no different. TikTok stores a large amount of data in the United States. It also sets up data stored in the European market and employs executives who are extremely familiar with the local market.Take Europe as an example, if TikTok no longer handles sensitive data related to children, it may have a significant impact on the algorithm, but TikTok is not limited to entering the international market as a whole, rather, it is necessary to personalize the operation of each different market.We strongly recommend unblocking TikTok content and obtaining personalized content in different regions in a secure environment that protects your privacy.👉Download and install X-VPN. 👉Launch the application and create an account. 👉Click Select Location on the window, and you will see a list of servers. for streamings. Choose one of the countries where TikTok is available. Whether the sanctions imposed by the Indian government on these software will be the same as in the United States is unknown. X-VPN can guarantee not to store any personal logs, so it will not track, collect or share your private information with third parties. TikTok also needs to further enhance its transparency and accountability system, and adopt different protection measures for each region, such as encrypting personal data and strictly defining the age entry threshold for teenagers.Image credits: Today. https://www.today.com/parents/tiktok-changes-privacy-settings-kids-under-18-t205733 Try X-VPN now:Google Play I Android UsersApp Store I iOS User