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  • Play League of Legends and Wild Rift open data globally

Play League of Legends: Wild Rift open data globally

Oct 30, 2020   |   2 mins to read
League of Legends Wild Rift's open data is only available in 7 countries. Try a VPN service like X-VPN to play this game in advance from anywhere.
Play League of Legends and Wild Rift open data globally

League of Legends is often cited as the world's largest e-sport, with an international competitive scene. This one of the world's most famous games launched this year's open beta competition on Oct.27. The regional open beta has been released on both Android and iOS. Players in these regions can download the game through the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

League of Legends Wild Rift’s open beta is now available for all players only in these 7 regions : Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand.

Although it is fully open, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’ll be coming to Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Oceania, Taiwan, Turkey, and Vietnam in December. For North America, South America, and India, Riot plans to release the game in the spring of 2021.

By using X-VPN, there is no need to wait longer, and you can team up to participate in the game as soon as possible.

How X-VPN can help you to join LOL Wild Rift

If you have download  LOL Wild Rift but you are out of the 7 regions, then X-VPN is what you need. Just connect X-VPN dedicated special location [LOL Wild Rift] to change your online region, After connected X-VPN, you will be all set to play  LOL Wild Rift.

X-VPN support [LOL WR-Indonesia] [LOL WR-Japan] [LOL WR-KR] [LOL WR-Malaysia] [LOL WR-Philippines] [LOL WR-Singapore] [LOL WR-Thailand. ]

LOL Wild Rift Account

We would suggest you to create  Riot ID on Riot Game

Download LOL Wild Rift

If you haven't downloaded LOL Wild Rift and you can't find LOL Wild Rift in Apple Store or Google Play,  following content will be helpful.


Download  LOL Wild Rift on Android

  1. Download Apkpure
  2. Search LOL Wild Rift and download inside Apkpure


Download LOL Wild Rift on iOS

  1. Create a new Apple ID
  2. You will be asked to choose the region when you create new account. Then choose the 7 regions which LOL WR is available.
  3. After you create the Apple ID, you can download LOL WR through Apple Store.